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Former Justice Dept Official Reveals Trump Is RIGHT – Election Is RIGGED!

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Before he resigned his post at the Justice Department, attorney J. Christian Adams raised numerous red flags about significant racial bias in the department then run by Attorney General Eric Holder. Adams was particularly concerned about what he saw in Justice’s handling of a voter intimidation case against members of the New Black Panther Party.

Since leaving his federal job, Adams has worked tirelessly to investigate, expose and fight against voter fraud — much of that work done as head of the Public Interest Legal Foundation.

Now, with Election Day 2016 just over the horizon — and as Republican nominee Donald Trump keeps complaining that the system is rigged against him — Adams says that untold amounts of money from shadowy liberal sources are being used to erode the integrity of the election process and allow lawlessness to flourish.

President Obama on Tuesday made a point of publicly ridiculing Trump for his warnings about a rigged election system. CNN reports that Obama told a White House gathering that Trump “…started whining before the game’s even over,” adding that the GOP nominee’s claim is “not based on facts.”

But Adams would disagree. He says there are facts aplenty about voter fraud.

In a conference call hosted by S.T.A.N.D.’s Bishop E.W. Jackson for his National Emergency Coalition, Adams pointed out a number of vulnerabilities in the voting system that have been allowed to remain or worsen without remedial action from Obama’s Justice Department. And without being exposed by a complacent, or compliant, news media.

The administration’s relentless efforts to kill voter ID laws across the country — efforts he called “insidious” — are well documented, leading to disturbing situations like that in Virginia where Adams says his organization found “over 1,000 aliens registered to vote in just eight counties.” In Pennsylvania as well, Adams revealed, non-citizens are also being found on voter rolls in enough numbers to make a real difference.

And those are just two states where the problem is identified and where the vulnerabilities in the system are being exploited by the left.

“Millions upon millions of dollars are being spent on organizations like the NAACP Legal Defense Fund” — money pouring in from well-heeled progressives intent on securing power by hook or by crook.

“Anybody who tries to do something about it is met with this armada of often {George] Soros-funded organizations. There’s a gigantic bricks and mortar infrastructure to preserve the vulnerabilities” that allow for voter fraud, according to Adams.

The head of a foundation fighting to preserve the integrity of the system says that his efforts have been challenged by both the League of Women Voters and the Service Employees International Union. Why? Basically, says Adams, they get well paid to oppose voter ID efforts.

And for anyone or any group such as his that stands up for common sense rules and regulations, Adams notes the opposition inevitably cries “racism.”

“Democrats on the left have learned that if they can control the election rules, they get the power.”

(via: Western Journalism)

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