Trump Against The World = Luke Skywalker vs.The Evil Hillary Empire

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Recently Mike Huckabee compared Trump to the shark fighter Quint in the movie “Jaws” saying we have to be like Quint and watch out for sharks like Hillary. Unfortunately Quint got eaten by the shark three quarters of the way through the movie. I say Trump is more like Luke Skywalker facing the dark forces of Hillary Clinton and her evil pay for play Foundation and army of media elites.

Trump is up against the media establishment, consisting of ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Univision,  The New York Times, the Daily News and all the other media establishments who are all in the tank for Hillary. He’s up against the Republican Establishment, the democrat establishment and anyone else.

Trump is doing the media’s a job for them by reporting the horrors of Bill Clinton’s rapes and assaults on women which they are ignoring while devoting untold  hours of a locker room tape talk he did 13 years ago. CNN’s Jake Tapper said to Rudy Guiliani that he never heard guys talk like that. Well I  guess  Jake was never in the military like I was or never in a frat house and must have lead a very  sheltered life.

The voters of this country felt betrayed by both parties which is why 65% of the people voted for him out of 16 candidates. He saw what a devastating set of affairs our country is in and wanted to  do something about it. He’s a businessman and knows how to deal with countries and fix things and make people prosperous. He creates jobs all around the world and knows how to make an economy great hence his slogan make America Great Again.

Hillary has been in government for 30 years and has not accomplished anything significant. Everything she touches turns to a disaster from Iraq ,Iran, Libya and Syria. The Russian reset is a failure, ISIS is stronger than ever thanks to her and Obama and they gave Iran 150 billion dollars and another 1.7 billion in foreign bills in exchange for the hostages. Now they will use that money to make nukes to use against  Isreal and us. Hillary sold 20% of our uranium to Russia for 100 million dollars through her foundation and they are in turn selling it to Iran who will use that to make nukes. People have died because of things she did and people who try to expose her and Bill end up dead. There were six mysterious deaths in seven weeks of people trying to expose her. She has even put out contracts to have people killed. BREAKING: Hillary Clinton’s Hired ASSASSIN Confesses – She Wanted To KILL Bill’s Rape Accusers! She is the epitome of evil in my  book.

Hillary studied under and met with Saul Alinsky who wrote Rules for radicals and dedicated it to Lucifer (Satan). One of the rules is find a target, isolate it and destroy it which is what they are doing with Trump. Another rule is to blame your opponent for your discretions only make them greater. Hillary is doing just that. She is a racist and bigot, but blames Trump for being a racist and bigot, sexist homophobe, Islamaphobe and anything else you can think of.

The left tried to make a big thing out of this tape of Donald from 13 years ago and acts so shocked. Meanwhile Hillary is the queen of the potty mouth and berates the secret service on a daily basis with ‘F’ bombs.

The entire leftist media is told exactly what to print, what to ask and what to think by the Clinton campaign. The bottom line of what’s coming out so far is that the entire mainstream media is controlled and scripted by the Clintons and democrats. In other words, the “mainstream” media is now nothing more than an extension of the state. They are banning together to destroy Trump and protect Hillary. In  doing so they have become Hillary.

Now these women are  coming out of the woodwork from 30 years ago saying Donald assaulted them , groped them and fondled them in different places and walked in on them when they were naked in one of their dressing rooms during  one of his pageants. Again notice the media ignored Bill’s raping of women, forcing himself on them, and fondling them and always found an excuse for him. Bill even told Gennifer Flowers that “Hillary has eaten more pussy than I have.” Bill Clinton” “Hillary’s Eaten More Pussy Than I’ve Have …But Donald is the bad guy here. Since when is the left so moral all of a sudden? The media is out to get Trump and Hellery and her cohorts are going to produce people who will make up lies for them.  This is America? Where a criminal, liar and filthy mouthed woman can get away with anything and become President? God help us!

Meanwhile Bill has flown 20 times to Epstein’s pedophile  Island where he keeps young women in their teens and 20’s for sex. I don’t think Bill flew there just for a friendly visit 20 times. Bill also has young interns at his Presidential library give him neck and foot massages and recently looked into a having a pool installed on the roof so he could swim naked with them, butTrump is the bad guy here.

Hillary is what is known as a globalist and wants a one world government or an open hemisphere with no borders where 600 million people can come in and we are all one  country. That is very dangerous because then ISIS would come in,MS13 gangs would come in, The FARC would come in and who knows what else and Hillary said it is impossible to vet every immigrant, but Trump is the bad guy.

Trump was speaking at a rally and said, “Speaking in secret  to a foreign bank, again just revealed, Hillary said  “My dream is a hemispheric common market with open trade and open borders”,’ Trump said, quoting a digest of previously undisclosed transcripts of speeches she delivered on Wall Street for an average of $225,000 each.

‘Well, there goes the rest of your businesses. And there goes your country, folks,’ he fumed.

‘Behind closed doors when she thought no one was listening, she pledged to dissolve the borders of the United States of America. No borders! If you don’t have borders, we don’t have a country,’ said a suddenly sullen Trump. TRUMP: Hillary Wants World Government; Unlimited immigration; Rule by corporations…

Luke Skywalker eventually defeated the evil empire maybe Trump will defeat the evil Hillary empire.

The Clinton Chronicles – The Murder Of Hillary Clinton’s Lover Vince Foster – This is a very good and scary video.  Vince Foster and the Mena.Ark airport and drug and gun running missions. These forces are still around today under Hillary

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