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This Army Veteran Just SHOVED Hillary’s DISGUSTING LIES Back In Her Face

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There’s probably no one on Earth happier than I am when Hillary gets called out for being a liar and this is one of the best examples of it I’ve ever seen.

Dom Raso is a military veteran that doesn’t take crap from anyone. He’s a regular for the NRA and in his segment on NRA news, he absolutely CRUSHES Hillary Clinton for “misspeaking” about coming under sniper fire after landing in Bosnia.

Now, knowing Hillary and how she manipulates, do you really think she misspoke? What’s more likely is, she tried to fabricate a lie and then got caught by eagle eye conservatives and Dom himself.

Watch below as he takes Hillary to task over how ridiculous this claim is and how unqualified she is to be President.

“I remember landing under sniper fire,” Clinton once said. “There was supposed to be some kind of a greeting ceremony at the airport but instead we just ran with our heads down to get into the vehicle to get to our base. It was a moment of great pride for me.”

Raso pointed out that video footage proves Clinton was greeted warmly with handshakes that day. She tried to blame her lie on a mistake, calling it a “misstatement.”

“In my 12-year military career, I never heard an excuse like that from my leadership,” Raso told reporters. “It’s impossible to even imagine that happening.”

“Only someone completely arrogant, ignorant and disrespectful of what happens in war could say something like that,” he concluded. “Hillary was willing to lie in order to take advantage of that feeling of gratitude and awe Americans have for those who serve.

Can someone please just stop her? I mean it’s getting a bit out of hand now. Soon, I feel she’s going to say she’s our lord and savior just because she thinks that no one will call her out on it. It’s absolutely mind-boggling how this woman continues to compulsively lie to America’s face and get away with it.

Actually…wanna know how to stop her? Vote this November and vote for Trump. He’s the only one that can and will rightfully put her behind bars where she belongs. Who’s with me?

(Via: Yes I’m Right)

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