Michelle Bachmann Talks About What Trump Did To Her During Private Breakfast In His Penthouse

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With the release of the “locker room” tape of GOP nominee Donald Trump from 2005, the mainstream media has painted Trump as little more than a bawdy, aggressive and vulgar man.

While there is no question that what Trump said in the tape was inexcusable, former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has just proved that Trump has moments other than those regularly highlighted by the left.

Conservative Tribune sister company USA Radio interviewed Bachmann, and host Rusty Humphries asked if Donald Trump had ever hit on her; the answer was not what everyone was probably expecting because it showed what a true gentleman and quick study Trump actually was.

“No, he has not ever hit on me,” she began.

“As a matter of fact,” she said, “he invited me up to his penthouse to have breakfast up there with him.”

“It was while I was running for President of the United States four years ago,” she recalled. She would lose that nomination to former Gov. Mitt Romney later that year.

Did Donald Trump harass this woman? By no means. “He was a perfect gentleman,” she declared. “His wife and his baby son were down on the floor below, and he showed me the artwork; he showed me where he stood when the twin towers came down, and he watched that from his apartment.”

She emphasized again, “He was just a perfect gentleman.”

She spoke of his personal qualities as well — she genuinely seems to have enjoyed her time spent with Trump. “He’s funny!” she exclaimed, “He’s a very funny guy.”

“Just an interesting guy, and one of the quickest studies I have ever seen. His mind goes about 1,000 miles an hour.”

When asked to clarify, she said, “He picks up on things; he learns new things.” That’s something many would consider an important quality in a potential president with no political experience.

“He’s what I would call a street-smart guy,” she said. His practical savvy might explain his lead with middle class voters. “He’s very pragmatic,” she noted.

Then she gave what could almost be considered an endorsement in and of itself.

“He wants to get to the best solution, fast,” she said. “He doesn’t just goof around. And one thing about government: they take years and years and years to fix things. That’s not Donald Trump.”

No, it is not.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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