Two Of Our Nation’s Finest Teach Drug Dealer A Lesson He Won’t Forget

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A cocky thug got exactly what he had coming to him after police officers found him and got the last laugh with what they put on the back of his truck. Karma finally caught up with this creep, and since he had taken so much from society, police returned the “favor” by taking something of his that he can never get back.

When you decide to live life as a thug, you deserve nothing but prison time and losing everything that’s important to you. A criminal’s disgusting actions often cost innocent people their property, safety, and oftentimes their lives, and this particular felon was no exception. Unfortunately for him, he messed with the wrong police department. They made sure that he, and the rest of the town, knew exactly how bad he screwed up.

To both serve as a statement of justice as well as a reminder to other scumbags still at large, the police department in one unidentified town showed what happens when you make a living as a drug dealer. The unnamed criminal enjoyed the riches he got from ruining people’s lives as a narcotic “candy man,” driving around dealing drugs from his expensive truck. That illegal enterprise was short lived, as is typically the case since the Drug Enforcement Agency nabbed him.

Now that this thug is off the street, he not only lost his freedom but his prized ride as well. Law enforcement impounded his truck and are now driving it around with an announcement on the tailgate that says: “This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car.” The photo of this sighting first appeared on Twitter.tailgate1-620x620


This has got to be awesome validation for the officers at the end of a long investigation that occupied a lot of time and resources. Dealing drugs was more important to this degenerate than making an honest living. It’s not every day that each car seized is a nice one, so when it is, it’s just icing on the cake and these cops put the cherry on top. Criminals in traffic behind this truck should take note.

(via: Mad World News)

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