Hillary Photographed Being Helped Up Stairs By Secret Service; Is She TOO WEAK To Serve As President?

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Hillary Clinton is a sick, weak woman.

Whatever sickness Hillary suffers from, one thing we do know – it’s not pneumonia.

On Saturday night Clinton was hardly coherent when she gave her confused remarks on the NYC Chelsea attack.

She looked like death-warmed-over and appeared to completely disinterested, bordering on “ANNOYED.”


Today, during a low-turnout rally at Temple U, a weak and sick Hillary needed ASSISTANCE to get up a few steps.


How can this be?

We were told right after she collapsed she felt so “great” that she was “running around her daughters apartment chasing her grandchild.”

In addition, earlier today #HillarysStools reappeared at her fake “press conference,” after they had disappeared for a while.

The stool was used to hold water and what appears to cough-drops, for low-energy sickly Hillary.


Hillary is not fit to be running for the presidency.

She needs to be at home, or in a hospital getting care for her “secret” disease.

We need someone with energy, who can get to work, and KEEP WORKING on all of the issues, challenges and problems that we’re facing both at home and abroad.

We need Trump.

(via: Truth Feed)


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