BUSTED: Hillary Clinton’s IT Specialist Was Caught ASKING How to Destroy Evidence Online

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An anonymous person on Reddit has recently discovered an old post by Paul Combetta, Hillary Clinton’s IT specialist who helped her wipe her server, asking for help on how to delete evidence.

Via Regated:

Combetta used his Fifth Amendment right when being questioned before the congressional committee last week. However, he had no problem allegedly going around the internet asking for help in regards to deleting and editing emails for a person referred to as “VERY VIP” in a Reddit post.

In a thread on /r/conspiracy on Reddit, they go into full detail of how they know this user ‘stonetear’ is connected to Paul Combetta. They claim he had signed his name “-Paul” at the end of several posts and has used stonetear as a username on other sites connected to the name Paul Combetta. It’s definitely worth a browse if you’re in the mood to pretend you’re an investigator.

On a web forum someone by the name ‘stonetear’ asked questions regarding setting up emails and signs off the message as “Paul” which led people to believe that this is in fact Paul Combetta.

paulBelow are the Reddit posts and comments ‘stonetear’ had made in regards to editing and deleting emails from a server for their “VIP” client. paul_combettaAfter the user received a few replies, they asked if there was a way to “rewrite” the emails.


Once news began to surface of their online antics, they quickly took to Reddit and began deleting all of their posts. Sadly, it was all caught on video when someone went to their page and began refreshing it to see all the posts were slowly being deleted.

The original Reddit post was made 2 years ago, as we now know Combetta would have now already deleted the archive of all of Clinton’s emails after being asked to hand them over.

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