Trump Says Clinton Does Not Have The Stamina To Campaign And He Is Right

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CANTON, Ohio — Donald Trump on Wednesday expressed doubt about Hillary Clinton’s ability to campaign for an extended period of time in a hot, crowded room, making his remark at a time when the health of both presidential candidates is under intense scrutiny.

Although Trump has voiced skepticism about Clinton’s stamina in the past, he has refrained from doing so since she fell ill in public on Sunday. Later in his speech, Trump wished Clinton a speedy recovery.

During a rally at a civic center here Wednesday evening, Trump, after talking about people “making less real wages” compared with 18 years ago and having to work harder, bragged about how hard he has been working on the trail.

“Me? I’m working harder also, so I don’t feel sorry for any of you,” he quipped.

He continued: “Oh, you think this is so easy? In this beautiful room that’s 122 degrees. It is hot, and it’s always hot when I perform because the crowds are so big,” Trump said. “These rooms were not designed for this kind of a crowd.”

The packed audience broke into a chant of “Trump! Trump!”

Then, Trump said: “I don’t know folks — you think Hillary would be able to stand up here for an hour and do this? I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t think so. I don’t think so.”

The temperature inside the venue was cool, compared with that of some rallies Trump held during the summer where attendees complained about the heat.

Clinton fell ill on Sunday at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York. Her campaign said she was feeling overheated. Afterward, Clinton revealed she had been recently diagnosed with pneumonia. On Wednesday, she released a letter from her doctor that painted an overall picture of good health.

Clinton has canceled campaign events this week to rest. Later in his speech, Trump said: “In all fairness, she’s lying in bed getting better and we want her better, we want her back on the trail, right?”

Trump has faced questions about his own health. He discussed his health during a taping of “The Dr. Oz Show” on Wednesday morning — but his campaign has yet to release a detailed assessment of his health beyond a four-paragraph letter from his doctor last December.

(via: Washington Post)

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