Hillary Gets $20M Donation From Silicon Valley Businesses

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Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz pledged $20 million to groups that support Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton Thursday.

“I have dedicated our lives to figuring out how to do the most good we can with the resources we’ve been given,” Moskovitz wrote. “Though we’ve voted for the Democratic nominee each of the times we’ve cast a ballot, we’ve considered ourselves independent thinkers who respect candidates and positions from both sides of the aisle.”

Moskovitz argues that Republican nominee Donald Trump is different from the normal political process.

“This cycle is different. The polarization in America today has yielded a race that is about much more than policies and ideas. It has become a referendum on who we want to be — as individuals, as a nation and as a society,” Moskovitz said.

“So, for the first time, we are endorsing a candidate and donating. We hope these efforts make it a little more likely that Secretary Clinton is able to pursue the agenda she’s outlined, and serve as a signal to the Republican Party that by running this kind of campaign — one built on fear and hostility — and supporting this kind of candidate, they compel people to act in response. We are not the only ones being activated so strongly during this election.”

The $20 million will go to the Hillary Victory Fund, the League of Conservation Voters Victory Fund, For Our Future PAC,, Color Of Change PAC, and several other unnamed “Get Out The Vote” groups.

“This decision was not easy, particularly because we have reservations about anyone using large amounts of money to influence elections. That said, we believe in trying to do as much good as we can, which in this case means using the tools available to us (as they are also available to the opposition).

This is the largest single donation from a Silicon Valley firm, the second largest was a $5 million donation to Marco Rubio from Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

(via: Daily Caller)

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