Donald Trump Sets New Fundraising RECORD! In ONE Day He Received More Than…

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Cash may not the most important factor in winning an election, but it certainly helps. Campaigns burn through cash faster that a college student with Daddy’s credit card. Having a steady stream of funds will ensure the staff can keep reaching out to the public, the candidate can travel, and—of course—those all-important ads.

Getting regular people to donate to a campaign is crucial. If they are willing to open their wallets, they are on your side. You will have no trouble getting them to vote for you.

So fundraising is really more of a sign of strength among voters, than anything else. If that’s the case, Trump is looking pretty good right now.

From Breitbart:

Donald Trump’s campaign digital director Brad Parscale said that the campaign raised more than $5 million dollars worth of small online donations, under $200, in a single day, not counting donations sent by mail or phone.

The amount is reportedly a new daily record for the campaign.

Trump raised $37 million in July, with 64 percent coming from small-dollar donors. Hillary Clinton raised $63 million, with only 36 percent of her campaign’s donations totaling less than $200.

Where the money’s coming from is often more important than the amount. It doesn’t matter if Clinton has more cash in the bank, if it’s coming from larger donors. It’s a sign that she’s got the support of wealthy elitists, but not the common American.

The fact that Trump raised $5 mil from donations smaller than $200 shows the sheer amount of Americans eager to support him.

This proves that throwing money at a campaign is not enough to ensure a victory. To be sure, Clinton is burning through all that Buffett and Soros cash. Despite outspending Trump by a wild margin, she is rapidly falling in the polls.

A clear sign that despite her rich buddies, America is sick of Crooked Hillary.

Via Patriot Journal

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