Ben Shapiro Explains WHY We Need to BAN Muslims From The United States

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In this video from Ben Shapiro, he rebuts the claims that radical Muslims are a tiny percentage of the Muslim population and, therefore, not to be taken as a major threat to America.  Ben uses polling data and facts to crush this falsehood and reveal why we truly do need to put restrictions on Muslim immigration.

A few of the key facts presented by Ben:

  • 1.6 Billion Muslims on the planet in 49 Muslim majority countries
  • 143 million radical Muslims in Indonesia according to Pew Research Poll
  • 65% of Egyptians (55.2 million) believe in strict Sharia Law and have a favorable view of Osama Bin Laden
  • In Bangladesh, one quarter of Muslims believe suicide bombings that target civilians and 2/3rd believe honor killings are sometimes justified
  • In “moderate” Turkey, 32% believe that honor killings of women could be justified
  • 13% of Muslims living in America (2.6 million total) believe violence against civilians could be justified and 19% said they had a favorable view of Al-Qaeda
  • In total, according to the polling data, at least 800 MILLION Muslims are radicalized. Which accounts for more than HALF of the total world Muslim population.
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