GOP Gets Higher Voter Turnout Than Dems During Florida Primary

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The Republican Party attracted more voters to the polls Tuesday night than Democrats could during the state’s primary.

After polls closed, Republicans attracted a total of over 1,240,000 voters to vote for GOP candidates running for an open senate seat, while Democrats attracted almost 968,000 voters to choose who would be the party nominee for the senate run.

Florida Sen. Marco Rubio easily trounced his competition on the Republican side garnering just over 70 percent of the GOP vote, while Florida Democratic Rep. Patrick Murphy won his primary with almost 60 percent of Democratic support.

Florida is seen as a key state in the general election and both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fighting to win favor of voters from the sunshine state.

The Orlando Sentinel reported a poll released this week shows that a Florida is still too close to call between Clinton and Trump, with Clinton at 44 and Trump at 42. The poll’s margin of error is 4 percent.

Third party candidates also factored into the numbers. Libertarian Gary Johnson received 6 percent while Jill Stein garnered 2 percent.

According to the Sentinel, Trump has strong support in North and Southwest Florida, while Clinton is way ahead in Southeast Florida. As in previous election cycles, the I-4 corridor between Daytona Beach to Orlando and St. Petersburg will be key.

(via: Daily Caller)

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