Chuck Norris’ Unexpected Bump of Donald Trump’s Immigration Platform

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After what seemed like a long hiatus from politics, legendary action actor, martial artist and U.S. Air Force veteran Chuck Norris made an unexpected return this weekend with a brand new column, this one in defense of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s tough position on immigration.

Published in WND, the column essentially used the words of our Founding Fathers to demonstrate the legitimacy of the billionaire candidate’s position.

“America’s founders were also concerned with properly assimilating immigrants so that their presence would be positive upon the culture,” he wrote. “They expected them to maintain their ethnicity but adopt our culture and customs. They expected their patriotism to be for these United States.”

Norris then listed quotes from several founders to prove this assertion, though the most notable one originated with America’s fourth president, James Madison, who said, “I do not wish that any man should acquire the privilege, but such as would be a real addition to the wealth or strength of the United States.”

In other words, Madison and his peers felt that immigration should be limited to only those who would better our nation.

Therefore, the founders established four basic requirements for “enrollment and acceptance” that remain in effect today but are not being properly enforced by President Barack Obama’s Democrat administration.

“Just think if the federal government actually enforced our founders’ immigration tenets,” Norris continued. “States wouldn’t need to use taxpayers monies and time to fight the president’s immigration executive decisions … or even need to go out on a limb and create their own immigration laws.”

This brings us back to Donald J. Trump, who has promised to not only actually enforce our immigration laws as set forth by Congress and the Founding Fathers, but also go one step further and secure the borders.

But does Norris believe Trump will actually do it? His answer to that was crystal clear:

“I believe only Trump has a plan and passion to do it,” he concluded (emphasis added). “A Hillary (Clinton) presidency will only continue the failed immigration policies and border fluidity of Barack Obama.”

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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