Planned Parenthood Offers DISGUSTING ‘Cure’ For Zika Virus

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It seems that every year the threat of a new epidemic terrifies the world, and this year has been no exception. The Zika Virus has been infecting thousands of people in South America, and now cases of the disease have been reported in Florida.

While the disease is not normally fatal to adult humans, it can cause severe birth defects, and often death, in infants if their mother contracts the virus while pregnant.

Planned Parenthood has now weighed in on the crisis by offering to “help” people who have the disease and attempting to raise awareness of the disease and how to avoid getting it, NPR reported. Representatives of the organization were going around neighborhoods in Florida warning people about the virus (which actually isn’t a bad thing to do) and offering their “services” to people who get infected.

Planned Parenthood has previously gone on record stating that increasing access to abortions is one of the only ways to stop the spread of the Zika virus.


Why bother trying to find a cure for the disease when you can just kill any child that could be affected by it? Instead of funding research into the virus, Planned Parenthood would prefer to fund the killing of children.

“This is a natural extension of the work we do with reproductive health care and sexually transmitted infections,” Dr. Christopher Estes explained. “It just made sense. And this is a time of a public health crisis. When you have something like this going on, it’s ‘All hands on deck.’”

While educating people on the virus and how to avoid being exposed is a good thing — and, for that matter, properly accomplished by the private sector rather than the government — encouraging more abortions because of the virus obviously isn’t.

Only an organization as fundamentally sick as Planned Parenthood would use the threat of the Zika virus as a means to drum up business for its murderous clinics.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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