Al Sharpton Says Donald Trump Is Just Using Black America As ‘Props’

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Friday on MSNBC, while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s outreach to African-America voters Al Sharpton said Trump is “not talking to black America,” but instead making them “props to a larger narrative.”

Partial transcript as follows:

CRAIG MELVIN: I have wondered whether it’s the speech in Michigan or some of these other speeches or interviews he’s done since then, when he talks about race in this country. When Donald Trump talks about race, is he—is he talking to black voters? Is he talking to Hispanic voters, or is the message designed for another group?

AL SHARPTON: No, he’s definitely, in my opinion, trying to talk to independent white voters, and some moderate Republicans that don’t want to feel they’re voting for a racist or a polarizer. I don’t think he’s talking to black voters at all. Why? Because if he was, he would be saying this is what I’m going to propose to you. To say to black voters, don’t vote for the same, vote for something new, but never define what new is, means they’re really not talking to you. Because otherwise I’d be selling you on this is my new plan on the economy, this is my new plan on health care. He’s never—there is no blanks. Yesterday he met with some black Republican leaders, but he never walked out here and said this is my blueprint for black America. Because I’m not talking to black America. I’m using the optics to talk to whites that don’t want to tell their friends they would vote for somebody as polarizing, so I want to increase their comfort level. So they become props to a larger narrative. And it’s unfortunate and it’s very cynical.

CRAIG MELVIN: Using Harlem to win an election out in Westchester.


(via: Breitbart)

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