Megyn Kelly Says Trump Is Doing Horribly With This Group Of Voters

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Fox News host Megyn Kelly and Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump have had a tumultuous relationship, and even after a summer vacation, it appears that Kelly is back and ready to misrepresent Trump and the kind of support he’s receiving across the country.

Wednesday night, Kelly claimed Trump was doing “horribly” among black voters in America. The problem with her assessment is that it wasn’t exactly true. According to new polling data, Trump’s support among black voters is actually up.

A recent poll by Florida Atlantic University showed that 20 percent of black voters in Florida support Trump. The numbers arrived as Trump planned a visit to Tampa for a rally at the State Fairgrounds.


Earlier this month, a Los Angeles Times and USC Dornsife national poll indicated that black support for Trump had increased six-fold.

So how is it that Kelly can come to the conclusion that Trump is doing horribly among black voters?

We like Kelly, but it would seem that she might be letting some of the animosity that has existed between her and Trump cloud her reporting, which is unfortunate considering Fox News claims to be fair and balanced.

Regardless of how or why Kelly is reaching her conclusions, it’s good to know that Trump’s support among blacks is up.

He is scheduled to meet with African-American and Latino activists later this week.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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