Huge Convoy Of Black Vehicles Seen In 3 States Is Causing Nationwide Panic

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Highway drivers in rural areas of three different states across the country have reported seeing an ominous convoy of unfamiliar black vehicles mysteriously passing through without stopping. Photographs of these trucks show three words on the side, which are causing nationwide panic about what they’re being used for.

A fleet of several matte black vehicles with a yellow toxic symbol on the side and no license plates on any of them have been terrifying passersby in Colorado, Texas, and Florida, as they strangely move through these states in packs. Calls to local law enforcement in these areas flooded in from concerned motorists who want answers, but area authorities were not given any warning or made aware of their travels plans. However, a search for the three words along the bottom edge of each truck provided some insight into this mystery.

The panic for Coloradans is that the government is up to something that Americans don’t know about, but people who have seen the convoy in Florida believe the fleet is associated with something else. “Mutation response vehicle” is printed on each vehicle, which has Floridians believing that their arrival is to address a Zika outbreak that is either underpublicized or expected to happen since there has recently been an increase of the disease in their state.

PathogenTrackers provides a different answer that seems to be the most plausible, but many are still skeptical. According to the site, the vehicles were recently featured in photos from the Burning Man art event in Nevada and were reportedly used as glorified food trucks.

Not everyone is accepting this explanation, and some believe it could be the perfect cover up for something bigger and possibly even sinister. If that is the case, which we aren’t claiming it is, the perfect way to disguise something and make cross-country travel easier is to hide it in plain sight like this and call it art.

(via: Mad World News)

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