VIDEO: Tim Allen’s Crazy 7-Minute Beatdown Of Obama, Hillary

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One of the reasons we love comedian Tim Allen is the fact that he isn’t afraid to speak out against all forms of liberalism — even in liberal stronghold Hollywood. Earlier this year, Allen appeared on Fox News’ “The Kelly File,” and didn’t hold back on how he felt about Democrats.

Allen, who plays conservative Mike Baxter on ABC’s hit show “Last Man Standing,” has the rare opportunity to share some of his own opinions about politics.

It’s a situation he seems to enjoy primarily because he can expose some of the lunacy of the Democrat Party. Some of that lunacy included how Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton barked like a dog last year — something Donald Trump capitalized on.

Allen said Clinton does not have a skill set for jokes — which left many to wonder what skills she does have besides the obvious one of lying to the American people.

Allen couldn’t resist taking a jab at Bill Clinton, either. He said the former president couldn’t stop ogling his wife when they met once.

Allen also accused Democrats of being the party that promises to give things away, but never actually follows through on those promises because the government simply cannot afford to give everything way.

“I mean, who wouldn’t vote for these people?” he said of the Democrat debates, which Allen said was nothing more than a “free stuff giveaway.”

Allen had previously described himself as a fiscal conservative and said he didn’t appreciate the government taking his money and “doing stupid stuff” with it. He added that he doesn’t mind paying taxes as long as the government spends the money wisely, which we all know Democrats rarely, if ever, do.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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