If this doesn’t shout “COLLUSION!!” what does?

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No industry has changed more in the last few years than the Tech industry and the changes encompass far more than just newer and faster IPhones, IPads and other “I” stuff. In addition to the tablets developed by the Apples and Samsungs of the world many Tech giants such as Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc. have evolved to provide much more content and faster access to the content developed by others.

But all of these technical wonders don’t come for free as users plunking down $300 for the latest Kindle can attest. But there are other hidden costs. Those of us using Yahoo for perhaps no better reason than we always have are subjected daily to the tech giants version of the news. Perhaps Yahoo ventured into the news business for the simple reason that they wanted to provide content to their users. That’s all well and good but to say Yahoo leans to the left is like saying fire is hot or water is wet.  Now to be accurate, Yahoo does not actually write the news, they just pick stories of the day and insert them into a format for their users to read.

It would be fair to assume in all probability that Yahoo chooses stories that they like and that represent the political views of Yahoo. Given the validity of that assumption it would be fair to conclude based on its choice of articles that Yahoo is not a fan of Trump. Recently Yahoo ran with a little story from  entitled “Trump Asks Evangelicals To Vote Him Into Heaven” needless to say the article did not paint the Republican Presidential Candidate in the best light, but neither do the vast majority of articles (and there are many) published on the site. Yet stories of Clinton all regale her successes (real or imagined) with nary a word to suggest the little reprobate err Presidential Candidate has a worry in the world. No mention of emails or federal agencies or criminal charges that might be pending, nada.

But let’s not just beat up on Yahoo. Goggle is just as guilty of following the Liberal party line if not more so. Here are just the headlines of the stories that Goggle presents you with if you search on “Donald Trump”

NYT ‘Inside the failing mission to tame Trump’s Tongue’

CNN ‘GOP make Trump take a time out’

Yahoo ‘Donald Trump is “totally nuts” says Robert Dinero’

If in fact the media is in the bag for Clinton (which seems a distinct possibility) that is bad enough, but throw in the tech giants who appear to be regurgitating the worst MSM hit pieces and portraying them as news and you have collusion of historical proportions.

This trend has come to the notice of many others, notable Liz Crokin an award winning journalist whose work is featured in many prominent publications and blogs such as the Chicago Tribune, The Chicago Sun-Times, Town hall, The Observer, etc. While writing for The Observer Crokin  penned (or typed, no one pens anymore) an article entitled “Tech Companies Apple, Twitter, Google, and Instagram Collude to Defeat Trump”

She begins the story lambasting the usual culprits, Media giants like the New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and the rest, but she goes on to state that this shilling for Clinton (my words) is in no way limited to the usual suspects.

One of the examples Crokin cites may seem silly, but actually it underlines just how pro-Clinton these tech giants are. Speaking of a friends efforts to have a game published that poked fun at Hilary she discovers that “Over the past year, Apple twice refused to publish a satirical Clinton Emailgate game, “Capitol HillAwry,” claiming it was “offensive” and “mean spirited” even though the game’s developer, John Matze, cited in communications with Apple that the game fits the standards of Apple’s own satire policy. Apple has, however, approved dozens of games poking fun at Donald Trump—including a game called “Dump Trump,” which depicts the GOP nominee as a giant turd” Well that seems rather partisan doesn’t it? Again it may seem silly (the giant turd thing) but what’s with the kid gloves treatment of Clinton?

According to Crokin’s article “Apple claims not to endorse candidates, but their actions suggest otherwise, and some of their executives—including CEO Tim Cook—actively support Clinton’s campaign. Buzzfeed recently obtained an invitation to a private $50,000-per-plate fundraiser Cook is hosting for Clinton with his Apple colleague, Lisa Jackson, at the end of this month.” Sounds innocent to me.

Anyone with a computer can easily determine for themselves if Apple is a villain in this story (spoiler alert they are!) but this would hardly be newsworthy if it were Apple alone.

On a scarier note it appears that Google is also a player in this “Let’s elect Hillary game” the article in Observer goes on to state “…it should come as no surprise that there have been multiple reports accusing Google of manipulating searches to bury negative stories about Clinton. SourceFed details how Google alters its auto-complete functions to paint Clinton in a positive light.”

Apparently Goggle has taken a more hands on approach to its election manipulation. Citing no less a source than Julian Assage who reportedly stated that “…Clinton made a deal with Google and that the tech giant is “directly engaged” in her campaign. It’s been widely reported Clinton hired Eric Schmidt—chairman of Alphabet, the parent company of Google—to set up a tech company called The Groundwork. Assange claims this was to ensure Clinton had the “engineering talent to win the election.” You don’t have to go back very far to remember what a superior technical force did to the Romney campaign. The Liberals didn’t play fair then and they will not play fair now.

Google may loudly proclaim that they don’t favor any candidate but Crokin wisely points out “.,,, Google has gotten into hot water on multiple occasions for connecting Trump to Adolf Hitler. In June, when users searched “when Hitler was born” it generated the expected information on Hitler but also an image of Trump. In July, searches for Trump’s book, Crippled America, returned images of Adolf Hitler’s manifesto Mein Kampf. Google has since fixed both—but again, why do these issues always conveniently disparage Trump and help Clinton?”

Good question!! Other tech companies notably (and sadly) Twitter, Instagram and Facebook are all guilty of similar misdeeds in favor of the Liberal choice Clinton.

Getting angry at all these companies is one thing, exposing them is quite another. One sound tactic might be to point out every case of ‘water carrying’ you see by the media or one of these tech companies. Just don’t let them try to picture you as a “giant turd”


By Patrick M. Arnold, you can find him on Twitter @PatrickArnold6

Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77


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