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Crossing a Line? GOP Chair Accuses Trump of Child Rape

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The chairman of the Travis County Republican Party is leading the protest against GOP nominee Donald Trump. The county chairman dressed up in a jester’s hat and carried a sign calling Trump a “child rapist.”

Travis County GOP Chairman Robert Morrow and avowed #NeverTrump affiliate took over the Austin-based political committee during the GOP primary in March. The colorful and widely-criticized chairman has been denounced by GOP officials across the state and mocked by national media figures. On Tuesday, he took to the streets of Austin to join with anti-Trump protesters outside of a scheduled appearance by the GOP nominee.

He has been well known for his obscene tweets and had promised to bring the protest to Trump’s appearance in Austin. Several people have tweeted photos of the local party leader wearing his white shorts, jester hat and carrying the anti-Trump sign calling the candidate a child rapist.


One woman responded to Morrow’s sign yelling “Bill likes little girls,” Elena Mejia Lutz tweeted.

Other protesters have begun to gather outside the theater where Donald Trump will be taping a town hall meeting with Fox News’ Sean Hannity. The town hall meeting will be aired on Tuesday and Wednesday nights on the Sean Hannity Show.


One group began chanting “Love Trumps Hate”

Hillary supporters also appeared with pro-Hillary signs.


Earlier in the day, Texas State Senator Kirk Watson (D-Austin) appeared with a group of Texas Democrat leaders to condemn Trump’s Texas tour.


So far the number of protesters is light, but that is expected to change. Maggie Howell tweeted she had only seen 30 protesters at about 3:30 p.m. Central Time.


(via: Breitbart)


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