CNN Analyst Kirsten Powers Label Hillary Health Truthers As ‘Sexist’

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Kirsten Powers,the new CNN political analyst, pretty much nailed it today on “New Day” when she said that the bogus conspiracy theory being peddled about Hillary Clinton’s “health crises” have “an element of sexism to it.” Uh, yeah.

Ironic that this statement came from Powers, as she just left Fox after serving as a contributor. This is the same Fox News that is embroiled in an avalanche of lawsuits related to sexual harassment, so she probably has a good eye for what constitutes “sexism.”

Powers said “Why is there any concern about her health? The only reason there is any concern about her health is because Donald Trump has sort of started his ‘trutherism’ on Hillary Clinton’s health. There is nothing to suggest that she doesn’t have stamina…honestly, I don’t know if I could do the schedule she keeps….

Regarding that *fall* in the winter and her wearing coke bottle glasses?

Powers said “There is nothing to suggest she is having any problems healthwise. Even this picture where someone is helping her up the stairs…so what if she fell down? Honestly, I think there’s an element of sexism to this. The way that they’ve talked about her, you know, the way you watch Drudge [Report] posting things about granny and grandma. Well, Donald Trump’s a grandpa, so what’s the idea here? That someone, because she’s a woman and she’s a grandma, that she’s frail?”

Powers then made a very valid point when she pointed out that Donald Trump’s supposed “medical letter” came from a gastroenterolosist (sic) and used decidedly unmedical (sic) language. Jennifer Gunter, an *actual* Doctor who earned an MD tore the letter apart..

It’s clear that the Trump campaign is completely floundering. Benghazi didn’t stick. Emails didn’t stick. So what are they trying to get her on? Being weak and frail and sickly. Desperate times call for desperate measures and we know Donnie is getting more desperate by the minute.

(via: Crooks and Liars)

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