VIDEO: Hilarious Commentary Exposes Gun Controllers Supporting Ban on ‘Fully Semiautomatic’ Firearms

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Commentator Steven Crowder recently set up a booth and pretended to push gun control in order to test the knowledge of everyday Americans who support more gun laws.

In short order it was evident that people approaching his booth chose what should be legal and what shouldn’t based on whether the guns had brown wooden stocks or black plastic ones, and the vast majority supported a ban on “fully semiautomatic” firearms.

Of course, the phrase “fully semiautomatic” is simply another way to say automatic semiautomatic; a nonsensical contradiction. Crowder used the phrase to show that gun controllers will go along with anything.

Crowder’s interaction with the gun control supporters was captured on video. Crowder called his fictional gun control group, “Citizens Coalition for Common Sense Gun Reform,” and quickly demonstrated that people could be talked into banning any gun that they believed was not suited to hunting. Moreover, when Crowder regurgitated false gun control talking points, the people believed them and signed his gun ban petition.

Crowder would say things like, “Have you heard of the AR-15? That’s the bad one.” Adding, “What is it, like 98% of mass shootings use AR-15?” In reality, FBI figures show over two times as many people are killed with fists and feet each year than are killed with rifles of any kind. But people did not flinch when Crowder said these things. They just agreed with banning the guns and signed the petition.

People stood and not only listened as Crowder pushed “bullet regulation” and “common sense clip regulation,” but they showed willingness to support these laws and bans as well.

The worst part of it was that the vast majority of the individuals who approached Crowder’s table knew nothing about guns and admitted to not owning or even shooting a gun. Yet they were willing to support sweeping bans based on the guns’ cosmetic features or the false information Crowder was purposely throwing at them to highlight their ignorance.

In one of the funniest exchanges in the video, Crowder tells an older gentleman: “So these people are breaking in, committing crimes, and we’re just trying to fight it with some common sense regulation so criminals don’t break the law.” The gentleman responded by talking about how the NRA is “unregulated” and accused the gun rights group of “being the lousiest keeper of guns in the country.” Crowder went right along with the gentleman, responding in kind, certain that he had found the perfect participant for a prank video intended to show that gun control supporters will believe anything.

(via: Breitbart)

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