Malia Obama Causing Headaches For Her Father, Nearly Arrested At Party Broken Up By Police

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Malia Obama seems to be on a downward spiral during her “do nothing” year before college. Unfortunately for her, things just got a bit worse after what she was most recently caught doing in Martha’s Vineyard – and now the police are involved.

Mad World News has reported that the First Daughter managed to slip away during the days of the DNC to attend a music festival. However, it seems that her time there was spent in less than ladylike ways, seeing how she twerked while showing off her backside and exposing her underwear. She was even spotted smoking weed.
More Bad News After What Malia Was Caught Doing, Now Police Are Involved

Unfortunately, it seems as though Malia has most recently landed herself in the public spotlight once again after more troublesome behavior occurred. According to reports, the do-nothing adult managed to sneak away from her “family vacation” to attend a little party on the island – but things got out of hand.

In fact, things got so out of hand that West Tisbury police were called and immediately broke up the party and sent everyone home. Although police refuse to answer whether Malia was seen at the party, citing “national security” as a reason not to confirm it, that answer alone should resolve any doubt that she was actually there.

More Bad News After What Malia Was Caught Doing, Now Police Are Involved

Furthermore, Mail Online reports that the First Daughter was seen being “rushed out by the Secret Service as cops shut it down.” One can only imagine what was being served at that party, but it’s clear that things got out of hand.

Sadly, it seems that Barack Obama has taught Malia everything he knows as she too is becoming an embarrassment to the nation. On the other hand, with her last name, it’s going to be about impossible to receive any harsh consequences, no matter how many laws she breaks.

The Obamas have been a shit stain on this nation since they arrived in the White House, and it’s clear that they hope to leave in the same fashion. Fortunately, their time is limited and the gravy train for this freeloading, do-nothing family is about to come to a screeching halt.

(via: Mad World News)

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