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Trump Gets 18 POINT SWING In Black Vote After His African American Speech.. HUGE!

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For some reason, the main stream media is ignoring the latest LA Times Presidential Election “Daybreak” Poll.   It’s might seem somewhat odd given the constant mentioning of polls when Donald Trump is trailing.

The silence here, however, isn’t surprising.  Their most recent poll has Donald Trump up 18 points among African American voters.  That’s right… 18 POINTS.. in a demographic that he’s only “supposed” to get 3 percent of.

The daily poll shows Trump up to 14.1% among black voters.  If that holds in November, it would be the highest percentage of the black vote received by a Republican nominee since 1976 when President Ford got 15% of the African American vote.


U.S. Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Tuesday delivered his most aggressive call yet to woo African-American voters, vowing to restore law and order, only days after a fatal police shooting of a black man sparked more street violence.

Speaking a few miles from Milwaukee, which was rocked by weekend riots, Trump accused his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton of “bigotry” and vowed to protect the jobs of minorities from immigrants. Trump has been repeatedly called a “bigot” by his Democratic opponents.

“I’m asking for the vote for every African-American citizen struggling in our society today who wants a different and much better future,” Trump said.

“Jobs, safety, opportunity, fair and equal representation: We reject the bigotry of Hillary Clinton which panders to, and talks down to, communities of color and sees them only as votes – that’s all they care about – not as individual human beings worthy of a better future.”

African Americans were no doubt listening and the resulting spike in the polls shows that his message was received loud and clear.

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