The Divided States of America

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We live in the greatest country in the world, the United States of America… There has never been a greater lie, any current garbage coming from the mouth of the Democratic nominee is not included in this determination. I am sure at one time, very long ago we may have been united, however today as I write this article the exact opposite is true unfortunately. We should be calling ourselves the Divided States of America.

We are all fools. We are all to blame for the current state of this country. Yes all of us. Our true power as a nation, is only truly known by the one percent of the population, you know who they are, and they’ve been called by many names. “The Elites,” “The Powers that Be,” “The Establishment,” “The Puppet Masters,” “The Bilderberg’s,” “The Rothschild’s,” “The Illuminati.” illuminatiTheir name is largely irrelevant because we all know that all of these names are pointing to the same exact group of people.  If you don’t want to believe this group exists then you should not continue to read this article because you will have wasted your time. Now we all know the agenda of this group but to briefly summarize, it is Global domination, to bring the entire world’s population into enslavement by manipulating us enough to volunteer for it. They have done a damn good job of it so far. When they all had their meeting to discuss how to achieve their goals, they knew there is only one thing that could truly stop them. mark 3_24-25A mob of citizens, united as one to directly oppose them.  They also knew that the easiest way to ensure success is to divide the mob, because the more time we spend fighting each other the less time we have to see what they are doing behind our backs.  Just how badly are we divided? I intend to show you, some of the division is built into our nature using our physical aspects, others are by social status and spiritual beliefs, naturally the enemy would want to take advantage of these.



1.) Religion, it is almost useless to mention this one because I agree with this division. I am a born again Christian and I am not here to preach one belief over another, I am merely stating that if you are a person who has decided to put your belief, faith, and trust into any particular religion or God for that matter, than you must fully believe that religion. It is quite simply, black or white, hot or cold, left or right, high or low. There is no middle ground, you can’t pick and choose the parts of it you choose to believe and pretend the other parts don’t exist. At the end of your life you will face your final judgment on the entire religion you chose to believe in not only the parts you liked. The puppet masters knew however that religion alone would not be enough so they used manipulation to create others.

racism2.) Race, I am starting to feel that Racism will never go away, because it is a fire that is way too easy to keep from burning out. A simple video clip no more than a minute long once every quarter of the year will keep this fire going strongly. I would love to believe that racism could be overcome and I am aware that with God all things are possible, however it is hard to see the victory when defeat is so easy to achieve in the case of racism.

finance3.) Financial Class, the upper class, the middle class, and the lower class. Your financial achievements dictate where you fall here, the only choice you really have if you are unhappy where you fall is to work hard and hope to succeed in whatever it is you are attempting. Yet again the elites (they really are geniuses) knew that even race, religion, and financial status weren’t enough separation for us. They then devised a fourth method of division.

4.) Political Party, our political stances would divide us even further. It has even divided households. Democrats and Republicans, there is a third party in case you didn’t know called the Libertarian party, but it feels useless to mention them because it looks like a party that only exists to be used as a pawn to steel votes from Democrat or Republican nominees to ensure the victory of the candidate desired by the elites. gary johnson For example Gary Johnson;  the Republican Governor of New Mexico has conveniently become the Libertarian Party’s Nominee, this is in an effort to ensure that Donald Trump will not win because Trump is not in the club, group or society that controls our elections and lets face it the tremendous surge in popularity for Donald Trump has all of the Washington Insiders in complete panic. I have never seen such obvious corruption and collusion between our political parties and the media, I have always suspected it but it seems as if Trump is exposing more and more of it, trump Thank you for that Don. Each party has its own core beliefs and they are presented to all of us and we voluntarily categorize ourselves into one of these parties. Yes that is right voluntarily. There finally came a day where the elites realized that they had better act because there are so many people in the country that the separations they had handed us so far were not enough anymore so they simply threw two words out into the media.

liberal-conservative5.) Liberal or Conservative, yet again, (we never disappoint) we ate those two words up like hot apple pie with a scoop of ice cream and now our own political parties can fight with each other because a Democrat that was more liberal minded would never agree with a Democrat that was more Conservative minded and vice versa with the Republicans. It truly is pathetic how easily we have fallen into this trap.

Do you understand yet, or are you like a man in a round room searching in the dark for the light switch in the corner? Republican, Democrat, Liberal, Conservative, can’t anyone else see besides me that these are only words! Words created to separate us, cause us to argue, as well as becoming physically violet with one another! These words have divided families, and ruined friendships! When will we wake up and cut the puppet strings from our bodies? Will we ever realize that we have been being brain washed and manipulated from the minute we came into this world? The time is now to stand united together with one voice and shout, “Hell no! Not today, and not ever again! I will no longer fear the terror by night, nor the arrow that flies by day! psalms_23_4 I am a child of the most high God! A thousand may fall at my side and 10,000 at my right hand but it shall not come near me! The Lord is my refuge and my fortress, My God, in Him I will trust! No evil can befall me, nor will any plague come near my dwelling! If my god be for me, than who can be against me? Be gone you filthy workers of iniquity! You have no place here, because My God is a mighty God and he is the same yesterday, today and forever! 


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