Filmmaker Michael Moore Says He Knows ‘For A Fact’ Trump Doesn’t Want To Be President

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Michael Moore said he knows “for a fact” that Donald Trump doesn’t want to be president.

Michael Moore lack of women in Hollywood is diversity

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In a post published on his website Tuesday, the 62-year-old filmmaker claims the Republican nominee entered the race because he wanted a better deal with NBC as the host of “The Apprentice.”

“Donald Trump never actually wanted to be President of the United States,” Moore writes. “I know this for a fact. I’m not going to say how I know it.” (RELATED: Michael Moore Responded To The Orlando Massacre With This Tweet About Guns)

“Trump was unhappy with his deal as host and star of his hit NBC show, ‘The Apprentice’ (and ‘The Celebrity Apprentice’),” he continued. “Simply put, he wanted more money. He had floated the idea before of possibly running for president in the hopes that the attention from that would make his negotiating position stronger.”

Michael Moore lack of women in Hollywood is diversity

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“But he knew, as the self-proclaimed king of the dealmakers, that saying you’re going to do something is bupkus — DOING it is what makes the bastards sit up and pay attention. Trump had begun talking to other networks about moving his show. This was another way to get leverage — the fear of losing him to someone else — and when he ‘quietly’ met with the head of one of those networks, and word got around, his hand was strengthened. He knew then that it was time to play his Big Card. He decided to run for President.”

“Trump, to his own surprise, ignited the country, especially among people who were the opposite of billionaires. He went straight to #1 in the polls of Republican voters. Up to 30,000 boisterous supporters started showing up to his rallies.”


“Soon, though, his karma caught up with him,” Moore added. “Calling Mexicans ‘rapists’ should have disqualified him on Day One (or for saying Obama wasn’t born here, as he did in 2011). No, it took 13 months of racist, sexist, stupid comments before he finally undid himself with the trifecta of attacking the family of a slain soldier, ridiculing the Purple Heart and suggesting that the pro-gun crowd assassinate Hillary Clinton.”

“By this past weekend, the look on his face said it all — ‘I hate this! I want my show back!’ But it was too late. He was damaged goods, his brand beyond repair, a worldwide laughing stock — and worse, a soon-to-be loser.”

(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

Moore then claimed that Trump is purposefully sabotaging his own campaign.

“But, let me throw out another theory, one that assumes that Trump isn’t as dumb or crazy as he looks. Maybe the meltdown of the past three weeks was no accident. Maybe it’s all part of his new strategy to get the hell out of a race he never intended to see through to its end anyway.”

“Because, unless he is just ‘crazy,’ the only explanation for the unusual ramping up, day after day, of one disgustingly reckless statement after another is that he’s doing it consciously (or subconsciously) so that he’ll have to bow out or blame ‘others’ for forcing him out.”

(Photo: Reuters)

(Photo: Reuters)

“Many now are sensing the end game here because they know Trump seriously doesn’t want to do the actual job — and, most importantly, he cannot and WILL NOT suffer through being officially and legally declared a loser — LOSER! — on the night of November 8th.”

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