Do You See The Problem With This Pro-Hillary Picture? It’s Currently Going VIRAL On Twitter

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Nothing but miles and miles of empty fields surrounded four lonely supporters of Hillary Clinton outside the Riverfront Sports Complex in Scranton, Pennsylvania, where the Democrat presidential candidate was slated to speak Monday.

Granted, the photo was taken hours before the event was set to begin, but it still spoke volumes, which is why, after it was originally shared by WBRE reporter Andy Mehalshick, it promptly went viral courtesy a retweet by “NEPA (Northeastern Pennsylvania) for Trump.”

What a lonely day it was indeed for those Clinton supporters.


Also known as “Team Trump PA,” NEPA for Trump stated on its website that its purpose “is to organize Pennsylvanians who support Donald J. Trump for president and to form a common bond by region.”

It added that that it holds “formal associations with the Official Donald J. Trump campaign & will assist in campaigning & facilitating events in Pennsylvania during the 2016 presidential campaign.”

This makes the account essentially an arm of the Trump campaign — an arm that Monday purposefully made sure to let other Trump supporters know about the loneliness of those four Clinton supporters pictured above. How very compassionate.

Incidentally, the group’s retweet caused a small brouhaha of sorts, as Clinton and Trump supporters subsequently began feuding over who draws the largest crowds.

“That’s already more people than Trump would draw in Philly,” claimed one Clinton supporter.

Just for the record, more people did eventually show up for Clinton’s event, though probably not nearly as many people as would have shown up had it been a rally for Donald J. Trump.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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