Michael Moore Writes Open Letter To Ivanka Trump, You Won’t BELIEVE What He Asks Her To Do

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Michael Moore may have just proven that he has lost his marbles once and for all.

The extremely liberal filmmaker and documentarian is known for his outlandish films that try to prove that America is not the greatest country on earth (which you would think should make him more of a Trump fan, considering Trump wants to make America great again).

However, Moore is anything but a Trump fan, and his latest request to Ivanka Trump was so absurd that it is entirely possible that the man has lost his mind.

Moore’s open letter to Ivanka read like many of his films … he wants to “expose” the realities of things. Only he is the only one who buys into this reality.

“I’m writing to you because your dad is not well,” Moore wrote to Ivanka about her father Donald Trump. “Every day he continues his spiral downward … it is clear he needs help, serious help. He is in need of an intervention. And I believe only you can conduct it.”

His mock-heartfelt letter even gave Ivanka a script to read for her supposed intervention with her father. You can’t make this stuff up.

“Dad, I am deeply worried. You haven’t been yourself lately. The father I know is not a hater, not someone who encourages violence. Dad, you used to be A LIBERAL,” the script — written by former social worker and counselor Jeff Gibbs — implored Ivanka to state. “Yes, I know they love it, the crowd goes wild. But not for YOU. They don’t love YOU. They love the show that you put on. I am asking you, right now, to give it up. To leave the race. Let that nice man from Indiana run things.”

Moore also decided to post a blog explaining that the only way to make sure Trump does not win is to lead an anti-Trump political movement, and he asked the public for volunteers to join him as he helmed this movement.

“I’ve decided to appoint myself, as of this moment, chair of the “Shadow Campaign to Defeat Donald J. Trump” (or, in short, “The Resistance”) — and I’m appointing each and every one of you as my Precinct Captains in the areas where you live, work and go to college.”

Michael Moore has been spending too much time in the imaginary world of his fantasies and needs a real wake up call — stat.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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