BREAKING: Trump’s Tax Cuts REVEALED…No One Expected This!

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Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton could not be more different when it comes to public policy and the future of our country.  The more Trump can talk about his ideas, the better off he will be.

Take, for instance, Hillary’s declaration on Thursday that she will raise taxes on middle-class Americans.  While the carefully chosen crowd around her cheered, millions of middle-class workers around America booed when they heard the news.

Trump, on the other hand, has already shared part of his plan to cut taxes and boost the economy.  Bloomberg reports:

Trump has promised to unveil a new policy agenda for “revitalizing the American economy” in a speech Monday at the Detroit Economic Club.

Donald Trump will propose one of the biggest tax cuts since the days of Ronald Reagan in a new economic blueprint to be unveiled next week, according to an adviser to the Republican presidential candidate.

Trump will reiterate his plan to cut the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, Heritage Foundation chief economist Stephen Moore said Friday in an interview with Bloomberg Television. At the same time, Trump has managed to whittle down the cost in terms of lost tax revenue by about two-thirds, to $3 trillion, he said, without specifying a timeline.

This is good news for Americans.  Instead of evening in America, it will be morning in America again, just as Reagan had promised.  But will that be accomplished on the backs of the poor and the hardest working among us?

“If you’re a working-class American, there’s no question that an agenda that cuts taxes, that gets rids of regulations, redoes some of these trade deals in ways that are pro-America, is going to help,” said Moore, who was named Friday to Trump’s team of economic advisers.

The plan will include major changes to U.S. energy policy that will make the country the biggest producer in the world of oil and gas, as well as coal, Moore said.

So, even though the details have not been fully revealed yet, Trump is providing the starkest of differences for America’s future.  He has timed this perfectly to move away from the turmoil of last week and start focusing on his many policy strengths.  He will never leave his personality behind, but as long as he is arguing for conservative ideas, he will beat Hillary 7 days a week.

Via Patriot Journal

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