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STUNNING: Obama Makes History; Commutes 214 Felons in 1 Day, Including Gun-Packing Drug Felons!

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Most Presidents I am sure tend to examine their legacy as they near the end of the tenure as President with an eye toward their perceived place in history. Great Presidents can point to great accomplishments in building their legacy. Ronald Reagan could point to his leadership for the greatest economic recovery in modern American history, Victory in the Cold War and the dismantling of the ‘Evil Empire/U.S.S.R.’ , tearing down of the Berlin Wall, and the removal of over 80% of the Russian and U.S. Nuclear Warheads from our World arsenals.

By contrast, President Obama’s legacy will be about commuting, releasing, and the pardoning  of Terrorists, Felons, and Criminals from Justice.  The President’s White House website boasts about his “Historic” single day record he set commuting the sentences of 214 Federal inmates, including more than 60 Life sentences on that day alone. Obama would have us believe that these clemency recipients were “non-violent drug offenders”, creating a benign impression of some guy nailed for a baggie of Marijuana, and a crack rock that should have gotten Rehabilitation instead of 240 months of Prison. Closer examination reveals this characterization to be absolutely false. The felons released, and commuted in his August 3rd, 2016 action alone were Big-Time Interstate Operators, Traffickers, Pushers, Manufacturers, Cookers, and an alarming  number of them are serious Firearm felons. These are not  tragic Crank addicts tweaking out at the corner grocery with a sign begging for money, in need of rehabilitation instead of long prison sentences they would have us believe them to be.

Obama on  August 3rd, 2016 alone, commuted the sentences of 68 Drug Traffickers and Gun-Packing felons, granting clemency for 96 Firearm Felony counts. Obama affirms his stunning hypocrisy in calling for more Gun Control to keep criminals from getting and using firearms; even as he grants clemency for over 500 felons to date, and likely now totaling clemency for hundreds of firearm counts since becoming President; while arrogantly promising that even more are to come before he leaves office. Here is yet one more example of El Presidente’ Obama’s abuse of power, and blatant disregard for Laws he doesn’t like, or agree with. Obama simply changes laws, breaking his oath yet again to uphold the Laws, and Constitution of the United States; in this case by commuting these felons sentences with an Emperor’s fiat, just as he has countless times against the Congress using illegal Executive Orders. Evidently for President Obama, finding success at something to put him over prior Presidents in the History books has been very challenging. Luckily with time running out for him to form his Legacy, it seems he has finally found something he is the best at since any President since 1900. Obama just surpassed all modern Presidents since 1900 with the most Felony sentences commuted by a US President in a single day with is 214, on August 3rd, 2016. Truly one for the record books, including 67 convicted federal inmates with life sentences. Woohooo! Congrats that is some accomplishment Mr. President! Obama has finally provided his Obamatron’s some ammo for a ‘best at’ rebuttal fact; to defend him with in a ‘worst  President ever’ debate.

Obama’s total count of felon commutations in office is now at 562. (not adding in the Islamic Terrorists he has released from Gitmo, or swapped for US Army Deserters) Obama can set his sights on the ‘Big Kahuna’ record to solidify his 1st place standing in Presidential History; for the most Felons, Terrorists, and Criminals: released, commuted, traded, or pardoned by any President before he leaving office in US History! 

What does this say about a President, his Party, and their priorities? What does this say about how far out of whack the Leadership of our Nation and it’s values has become? Is it any wonder, that our Police officers are shot in the streets at a time that our President celebrates commuting life sentences of Drug traffickers? Not only that, but this President has the audacity to entertain the released Felons for Lunch. Even Black Lives Matter Leaders whose followers have openly called for violence, and the murder of our Police, get White House invitations, and Presidential face time.

What Presidential honor and attention do the ‘Best of American’s’: our fallen Police Hero’s, and their families get? Criticism, and the disparaged/tainted reputation by association, of their loved ones with accusations of “systemic racism” for their entire profession, and brotherhood.  No White House invitations go out to the widows of our fallen Officers, or Lunch with Mr. Obama at trendy Leftist D.C. eateries for them like these freed,  and commuted felons enjoyed back in March. Shame on you Mr. President.

Released Prisoners President Obama
Felons released by President Obama’s clemency enjoy a nice Lunch meeting, and personal face time with their President. It seems Felons, and Black Lives Matter leaders, apparently get this personal attention for Lunch, and White House invitations. How about something for our fallen Police Officer’s and their families Mr. President? Photo Credit:

Most Presidents try to hide, or obfuscate actions like this, making what few clemency and pardon decisions they do execute, as last day ‘slipping out of the White House’ events; except for President Obama. In Obama’s White House; they celebrate it, boasting on his official website that Obama is making history by commuting the sentences of more Felons than the past 9 Presidents combined and promise that much more is coming. He needs to graphically illustrate, and prove just what an amazing superiority he has over his modern Presidential counterparts by surpassing them all handily in that most important matter that surely all American’s voted him into office for twice: turning loose drug traffickers, felons, and yes, many convicted of felony gun crimes, upon America. Seriously folks, I can’t make this stuff up, Obama just hands it to me!

Presidential Commutations Chart for last 9 Presidents. Source:
Presidential Commutations Chart for last 9 Presidents. Source:

President Obama approved the release/trade of 5 captured high-level Taliban military leaders from Guantanamo Bay for known US Army Deserter Bowe Bergdahl, who now faces Court Martial and Life Imprisonment for Desertion, and endangering fellow soldiers (His own unit members insist, and will testify that operations to recover Bergdahl cost 6 American lives and many more wounded). I predict that before President Obama leaves office, Bowe Bergdahl will also receive a pardon, or at least a commutation, from his Commander in Chief.

Here are just two examples below of the 214 clemency and commutations Obama bestowed on his historic August, 3rd commutations. Don’t take my word for it. Check out all 68 Felon’s and 95 Gun counts Obama commuted on this link. Remember there are likely hundreds of these forgiven Firearm counts with at least 150 plus gun charge felon’s granted clemency going back to his first day in office, these in the link above are just from his historic one day release covering 214 on 8/3/2016.

Commutations Granted by President Barack Obama (2009-2016) | PARDON | Department of Justice


Reginald Wendell Boyd, Jr.
Offense: Conspiracy to distribute cocaine hydrochloride, 21 U.S.C. § 846; carry a firearm during and in relation to a drug trafficking crime, 18 U.S.C. § 924(c)(1)(A)(i)
District/Date: Middle District of North Carolina; October 31, 2005
Sentence: 180 months’ imprisonment; eight years’ supervised release
Terms of grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on July 28, 2016, leaving intact and in effect the eight-year term of supervised release with all its conditions and all other components of the sentence.


Well I guess this one below missed the Obama clemency investigators as he got clemency for using his gun “in relation to a crime of violence” as but one of his THREE Felony gun counts.


Artis Sangria McGraw
Offense: Possession with intent to distribute crack cocaine, 21 U.S.C. §§ 841(a)(1) & (b)(1)(C); use of firearm during and in relation to a crime of violence, 18 U.S.C. § 924(c)(1)(A)(i); felon in possession of a firearm, 18 U.S.C. § 922(g)(1); possession of a firearm with obliterated serial numbers, 18 U.S.C. § 922(k)
District/Date: District of South Carolina; September 30, 2002
Sentence: 270 months’ imprisonment; five years’ supervised release
Terms of grant: Prison sentence commuted to expire on December 1, 2016, leaving intact and in effect the five-year term of supervised release with all its conditions and all other components of the sentence.

President Obama never misses any opportunity with every mass shooting tragedy to insist that we must do more to enact stricter gun control laws to keep guns out of the hands of criminals. Well Mr. President, keeping dangerous gun-packing criminals in prison, without access to guns, or victims to use them against in society, has a 100% proven success rate. Obama and Hillary both see our 2nd Amendment as a barrier to solve what he/she see as the cause of violence: too many guns. Obama is undermining the safety of American’s by Gun Violence with these very commutations. Hillary Clinton will be no different in her goal, and zeal to separate law abiding Americans from their right of self-defense, and ownership of firearms afforded them under the Second Amendment. The reality in America is that in contrast to the high-profile and tragic mass shootings that Liberals like Obama, and Clinton point to and perpetually try, and fail to capitalize upon, is that America is actually much safer than it has been over the last 20 or more years. America’s Gun Murder rate is actually down 49% since it’s peak in 1993.

The reality was that America had become much safer over the previous 20 years. Even as the total number of guns in the civilian hands crept upwards, gun violence dropped sharply as the crack epidemic receded, for reasons that are still not fully understood. The country’s gun murder rate was down 49% since its peak in 1993. –  The Guardian Newspaper U.K.

Even the ultra-liberal, and anti-gun Guardian Newspaper of the U.K. had to recently admit that the statistical facts support the NRA, and it’s members contentions. The Guardian article stated the decline was for ‘reasons yet unknown’. Hogwash. They know. Obama knows. Hillary knows. Obama reveals his hypocrisy to undermine existing laws and sentencing proven to reduce the gun crime,  and the poison these felons pushed on our streets, by commuting and pardoning them. His claims of these applying to ‘non-violent drug offenders’ I hope can now be seen for what they are; absolute Lies. I have already laid bare those assertions with two of the three offenders cited above. The unreported violence in furthering the drug trade by these repeat offenders, contradict the portrayal of 2nd chances Obama touted. Most of the gun charges were based upon prior convictions as felons, who were illegally possessing, and using firearms in their drug operations, they already had their second chances; and they blew it.  I would venture to say the victims of indirect violence, and crimes caused by these felons would also beg to differ with the characterization as ‘non-violent’ offender Obama disingenuously portrays. Overdoses that caused death by their poison, felony crimes committed against persons, or property in financing “fixes” by their users, are all indirect assaults on victims, and society that defy exact measurement; yet we all know they exist, and occur.

The drop in America’s Gun crime violence, and Gun murder rates by almost half in the last 20 years, are because of the strengthening of drug crime laws with tougher sentencing. The reductions in crime are also from expanded right to carry laws affirmed by recent Supreme Court rulings upholding the 2nd Amendment; as an individual right of self-defense.Gun Crime and murder rates in locations where the gun rights of the law abiding citizenry are upheld; is down. What about an examination of Gun Crimes, and Gun murders in places like Chicago, that by contrast have the strictest gun control laws? They are horrific, with the record levels of gun violence rising in Chicago where it is the worst; with Chicago owning the title for the strictest Gun Control laws in America. The drop in Gun crime violence elsewhere is because of the NRA, and their member support, and sponsorship for legislation that promoted and passed Three-Strikes-You’re-Out laws, longer sentences, add-on prison terms for commission of drug and violent felonies committed using or with firearms present, or for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm. The NRA supported, and lobbied Congress in passing all these tough gun crime, and gun violence reduction methods. Perhaps this is what has earned the loathing, and scorn of The NRA by Obama, Hillary, and the Liberal anti-2nd Amendment haters? Maybe these Commutations/Pardons, and their call for reform of our Justice system are retaliatory actions against the NRA, and their Gun and Bible-toting members?  Unfortunately, it will be at American’s expense jeopardizing their safety.

Now we see that Obama and Hillary, are committed to undermine, and undo tough, and effective measures proven to work, by way of these commutations, and defacto pardons. Hillary Clinton,  and Bernie Sanders, publicly promised Hillary would do just that in their speeches at the Democratic National Convention. They carefully crafted it as a ruse of Racial injustice and equality, but I heard it loud and clear; and I hope Americans did too. Hillary and the Left, will be doing exactly what Obama is shamelessly doing now. Hillary Clinton will be pandering to the Left and her minority base; just as Obama has, by emptying our prisons of it’s drug traffickers, and firearm felon’s. They accept the consequences of poisoning of our youth, and unleashing gun violence on law-abiding American’s for the political expediency and minority vote. Hillary will also further impair American’s safety with the hypocrisy of yet another red-meat.. oops, I mean ‘field-roast’ promise thrown to her Left-wing party base; the 2nd Amendment right for self defense, and gun ownership will be infringed; and we will be disarmed.

President Obama has given American Justice and safety, a Black Eye with his Left hook of commutations and pardon’s, kicking loose dangerous criminals, terrorists, and gun felons; with more to come. Hillary Clinton stands ready for him to tap-out, taking over as his tag team partner poised to blacken America’s other eye; with at least one punch that Bill is grateful won’t find it’s way to his eye. Both of them jeopardize American’s safety, and our National Security, at the expense of these Gun-toting, drug-dealing felons, Terrorists, and criminals. We must stop this madness of perpetuity, by stopping Hillary Clinton from becoming the next President. I will borrow a phrase from Nancy Reagan from the outset the War on Drugs, “Just Say No”!



Written by Michael R. Bednarz

Jesus follower. Entrepreneur, Life-long Conservative, Political Junkie.

My writing mission....... Providing enlightened political insight, wit, and informed commentary as the antidote for the LameStream Media.

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