Clinton Worried About What Will Come Out After Massive Arrest Made In New York

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Hillary Clinton has had a very rocky start to her general election push. After she was publicly humiliated by an FBI investigation, almost 20,000 Democratic National Committee emails were leaked showing that high-level DNC staff had rigged the Democratic primary process in her favor.

In yet another blast from the past, a Chinese billionaire who allegedly made illegal contributions to Bill Clinton in the 1990s may soon be testifying before Congress.

The U.K. Daily Mail reported that Ng Lap Seng, 68, has avoided testifying before Congress for years, but now he is being held in New York on an unrelated bribery charge and many congressional officials see an opportunity to interview him.

Ng is accused of giving over $1 million to Clinton’s 1996 re-election campaign. While nothing was ever proved definitively, the revelation raised serious questions about China’s influence in presidential elections.

Republicans in Congress are considering offering Ng a deal in exchange for his testimony, according to the Daily Mail. If that doesn’t work, they may simply subpoena him in order to force him to testify.

The timing of this scandal is horrible for Clinton as she is already struggling to clean up her public image. A vast majority of Americans believe Clinton is untrustworthy (and rightly so), and this bribery revelation will only solidify that opinion.

David Bossie, who is now president of the conservative activist group Citizens United, was the chief investigator for congressional Republicans probing potentially illegal contributions to the Clinton re-election campaign of 1996. In a letter to Ng’s attorney, he wrote that the evidence showed Ng was involved in U.S. politics — and getting Clinton elected.

“Although Mr. Ng did not cooperate, the Committee’s investigation uncovered substantial information about financial transactions involving your client that appear to have been aimed at influencing the outcome of the 1996 presidential election in favor of Bill Clinton,” he wrote.

The entire Clinton family has been mired in corruption scandals for decades. The last thing America needs is four more years of a Clinton in office, doing who-knows-what behind closed doors.

America deserves better.

(via: Conservative Tribune)

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