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2016 and the Illusion of Choice

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It must have been almost two years ago when people started speculating that the 2016 presidential election would come down to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and real estate mogul Donald Trump.  I imagine like most Americans my reaction had been aghast at such a preposterous proposal; now only days after the Democratic and Republican National Conventions it’s official.

AngryTrumpI remember walking through a grocery store and glancing over at the magazine counter to see Donald Trump circa 1980’s with corded telephone receivers hanging all over him, looking quite ridiculous as often pictured, with a headline asking, “Could this be America’s next President?”.  Like most I scoffed to myself and shook my head at such an outlandish proposal, like most of America up unto that point, my knowledge of Trump had been of a post real estate mogul and most recently reality TV star, with a propensity to coldly fire anyone who didn’t make the cut.  As the months went by, Trump’s official announcement to run was made and the news outlets started blasting reels of his campaign speeches.  A startling thing happened, Trump started to catch on and like a California wildfire his support spread seemingly overnight. Trump went from a Reality TV buffoon to a real contender heading into election year.

If Donald Trump had come along at any other time in American history, his bid for presidency would have been short lived at best.  Historians will look back on this time to see the end of the failed campaign for change that the Obama administration sold to the people, and a climate absolutely dripping with political correctness, forced on the public by social justice zealots and uber-leftist interest groups.  The Obama administration delivered on its promise for change alright, it just wasn’t what the people had in mind.  Enter the Anti Politician, funding his own campaign and addressing issues of illegal immigrants with the tact of a common infantry grunt, absolutely no filter and why? because he’s a millionaire with a hot wife and he doesn’t care what you think!  Much like the banter befitting an infantryman, lines were crossed, minorities were alienated, and the brass was outraged. The media immediately tried to bury Trump’s rhetoric under the broad umbrella of bigotry and political correctness, but unlike all of the public figures before him who succumbed to the pressure of PC activists, Trump did not bend at knee.  This, along with his  self funded campaign, embodied the frustrations of working class Americans who have been ignored in great part by the Obama administration.

GettyImages-530664980-1-640x479Hillary Rodham Clinton-the political power house.  She’s held all the prerequisite positions, checked all the right boxes, and possesses immense foreign policy experience over her opponent.  A woman who pulled herself up by the boot straps from the beginning, and even after public humiliation, gave old Ramblin’ Bill another chance for God’s sake!  She embodies the liberal democrats wet dreams and nothing is going to get in her way! President Obama endorsed her saying that she was the most qualified candidate for the job, but what the democrats just can’t see is that she embodies everything that is wrong with the system, but unlike Trump who doesn’t care what you think, Clinton’s approach is more sinister.  The Clinton’s themselves have been involved in scandals long before their first term in the White House, from sexual promiscuity, harassment, bribery, and laundering drug money–the list goes on and documentaries can be found all over YouTube about it. Let’s give the liberals a chance here though, assuming that all of the latter is nothing more than conspiracy, what have the Clinton’s been up to in the years after the White House?  The sinister plot of politics unfolds when you follow the money.  The Clinton Global Initiative, the Clintons’ own charitable foundation that is being used as a front for “philanthropists” and foreign contributors to drop enormous amounts of money, is ultimately paying for Hillary’s campaign.

It’s fact that Hillary is a liar, politicians are liars, and the Clinton’s with their front foundations and Super PAC’s are nothing new, they’re just better at it than most.  If you buy into the mantra that Donald Trump is going to make America Great Again, you’re wrong as well.  The Trump camp is already being accused of being in cahoots with Russia after comments made about NATO and the latest Russian hack of the Democratic National Committee. Trump has no foreign policy experience and has spent a life time chasing money and building his empire. A lot of us however, can appreciate his willingness to speak his mind and not be swayed by P.C.–the last thing America needs is someone who will alienate people by their race, or bullheadedly blunder foreign policy and drag America into another Iraq invasion situation or worse.

The majority of Americans realize that our Governing bodies have been bought and laws passed are to benefit those large industries that put them in power.  What people have a harder time believing is that the media is also in the pocket of these corporations, and has long since stopped reporting the unbiased facts.  In fact, the media would have you believe that there are only two political parties in America and henceforth only two choices for the presidency.  The majority of people I come across are at an absolute loss of who to vote for and try to narrow their choice by whom is the lesser of two evils. This is not a Democracy for the People and By the People, it hasn’t been for a long time, and the only good thing that will come out of this year’s election is that people will wake up to this fact.  To those on the left that ignore Hillary’s blatantly atrocious lies and skirting of the law just to elect the first woman president, did having the first black president help us at all?  To those that want to elect Trump because he’s the Anti Politician, there is no real plan in place to make America great again, at least that I’ve seen.  Hillary is addicted to power, Trump is addicted to money, and they will both use the highest office in the land to further their own prerogatives.  If you can’t put aside your political differences to see that, then you’re most certainly the proverbial sheep of society.

We have a tendency, as groups of peoples in all societies do, to look for a savior who will come and right all of the wrongs.  We looked to Obama for the change his campaign promised and the fresh outlook of a man of color could bring to America, and the outlook of America on a global scale.  We look to Trump because we’re tired of being ruled by representatives that are bought off, and we’re tired of being stifled by overbearing social justice rule mongers.  We look to Hillary because she’s a woman with political experience and certainly America could benefit from a woman’s touch?  It’s never going to happen.  If a third party candidate won the majority of votes, the delegates would elect a major party candidate.  Change will only come from the individual and the collective individuals that make up our great country.  Vote out every single congressman and senator who has ever accepted monetary gain from a lobbyist.  In this way the American people would command the attention of government demonstrating who rules over whom, and if you’re still left with the illusion of choice, well you always have the declaration, the constitution and the federalist papers to fall back on, Patriot.

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