This Is What Happens When McDonald’s Employee Refuses To Serve Cop

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An employee at a McDonald’s restaurant was fired after she refused to serve food to a Brenham, Texas, police officer. The officer was off-duty at the time having a meal with his family.
Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman posted about the issue on the department’s Facebook page.

“One of our employees, who was off duty with his family, was refused service at a local restaurant simply for being a Police Officer,” Chief Craig Goodman stated. The chief said the incident was an employee issue and was clear to point out it was not about the owners of the local McDonald’s. “The Brenham Police Department continues to receive incredible support from our community and we are grateful for this wonderful partnership,” he said.

The incident occurred at the McDonald’s restaurant in Brenham that is located on U.S. Highway 290. The off-duty officer and his family came in for a meal and one of the female employees recognized him as a police officer and refused to serve the officer and his family.

“We know this was an isolated incident that involved a single employee who is not fond of Law Enforcement” Goodman wrote. “It is my hopes and prayers that this employee and anyone else who has a negative view of Law Enforcement address the real and/or perceived problem(s) through positive communication with us.”

The chief said the woman’s son is in police custody on a “serious offense” and that she doesn’t have a “pleasant view or a positive view of law enforcement,” Click2Houston NBC2 reported.

Another employee of the McDonald’s stepped in and served the officer and his family. The owners of the restaurant, Scott and Sam Munroe, were notified about the incident and immediately terminated the woman’s employment.

Members of the department returned to the McDonald’s to show their support for the local business they say did the right thing by supporting them. Pictured in the photo above are: Capt. Dant Lange, McDonalds’ Owner Scott Munroe, Officer Terrence Johnson, Owner Sam Munroe, Chief Craig Goodman, Store Manager Kimberly Pavlock, Capt. Lloyd Powell, Cpl. Edward Ortega, Director of Operations Matt Godek and Officer Kejan Melhorn.

On Facebook, one apparently local patron praised the owners of the McDonald’s and the Brenham Police Department.

“The Munroe’s are exceptional owners and we would encourage anyone to visit again and show your thanks for their quick decisive action to remove the employee,” said Lisa Mendez Charrin. “Thanks to the BPD for your daily service to all – even for mean spirited patrons who may someday need their service and protection.

Tyler Renken added, “And that’s how a small community snuffs out a possible bad situation! A media that doesn’t blow it up, and 2 parties that talk it out. Well done!

(via: Breitbart)

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