Where did all this hate come from (Part One)

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2016, the year of the poll. Polls about everything in politics, everything to do with race relations in America. Many of these polls have been designed or modified too display what the liberal progressives want displayed but perhaps some of those polls are correct. Maybe race relations are horrific in our country right now. In fact, maybe it isn’t just race relations. Look at what has become of our political discourse (if we can use the word ‘discourse’ to describe it). It seems that hate is everywhere today, but is this really the way it’s always been?

As crazy as it sounds, there is growing evidence that the violence that follows police shootings and the accompanying cry of racism may have been planned far in advance and in some cases far in advance means that the seeds were planted years ago.

Before you start screaming conspiracy theory!! Give the matter some thought. Remember back when then Senator Obama was running for President? Remember his speeches about the civilian security forces that would be as large as the military? They seemed awful impractical (silly) at the time, but now? With Liberals gun grabbing more now than at any point in history and Federalization of our police being demanded maybe we should try to look back and find out where and when this all started.

In an article entitled “Remember Obama’s Civilian National Security Force?” American Thinker’s Doug Mainwaring wrote “During the 2008 presidential campaign, Candidate Obama sent red flags up all over the country when he strongly proposed Civilian security forces “”

As Mainwaring went on to report Obama began his campaign publicly trying to convince the American people that we needed to supplement our military forces with a civilian force just as mighty.

“We cannot continue to rely only on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives that we’ve set,” Obama said. “We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.”

Team Obama has many jobs, but one of their most important (and possibly least public) is to scrutinize each and every word Obama says and analyze it’s effect on the general public. It would seem as though the Public took this idea badly. The American Thinker article went on to say “That plank in the future president’s platform was quickly removed, but evidently not discarded. It seems that it was merely safely tucked away until a more opportune time”

It would appear this plank was removed and “tucked away” because the reaction of the American People was a collective “What???????” or as the children say WTF? To say that this little civilian army idea was poorly received would be a massive understatement as many Conservative bloggers jumped on it only to be ridiculed to death for even daring to think such conspiracy theory things about the guy who was then being touted as the greatest Presidential Candidate ever! (Before being sold as the greatest President ever and if you don’t think so your a racist!!) Even if he was the one who started the controversy with his civilian army talk. And where would President Obama come up the bodies to man a civilian national security force as big and powerful as the military? Well that may be something that the Obama’s together may have foreseen and already accomplished.

When the Obama’s burst upon the political scene much like the current ‘Pokemon Go’ craze (sorry) back in 2008 PJ Media and American Thinker were two of the few Conservative outlets who were heavily involved in doing their homework. It was PJ Media in fact that produced this headline “The Originators of Obama-speak: Public Allies and the ABCD Institute”http://PJ Media › blog › the-originators-of-oba…

In fact this seemingly innocuous article began with a very powerful and yet seemingly innocent opening sentence “Our president is known as the community organizer in the family, but little if any attention is paid to the first lady’s relationship to a group in Chicago called Public Allies.”

Part II of this story will delve into this relationship and what Public Allies was, and is today


by Patrick M. Arnold you can find him on Twitter writing as @PatrickArnold6

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