Democrats Build Double-Wall Border Fence to Keep Out Unwanted Protesters

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Delegates to the Democratic National Convention are now protected from unwanted protesters by a giant double-wall border fence. The border fence was doubled to make sure people without proper documentation could not illegally enter the convention area.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) pointed out the hypocrisy of the Democrats in building a wall around their convention when they refuse to build a wall to secure the American border with Mexico, Breitbart News’ Neil Munro reported in June.  “It’s interesting that the Democratic National Committee will have a wall around their convention to keep unapproved people out while at the same time, their presumptive nominee, Hillary Clinton, pushes for open borders policies that are even more radical than President Obama’s,” Sessions said in written statement.

Breitbart News Senior Editor-in-Chief Joel Pollak shot video of the double-walled border fence during the second day of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

In a Twitter message, Pollak said, “They built a ‘wall,’ twice.”

Protesters standing behind the fence that securely kept them out of the convention area could be seen holding a number of signs.

Provided by Breitbart.

en-Volve take- The Democratic party has been campaigning on “build bridges, not walls,” but yet they erect not one but two walls around the Wells Fargo Arena. Also they are against big banks yet have the convention at a big bank arena. Their campaign is filled with lies and hypocrisy. At least even if you do not support Trump you can say he has at least ran a clean and honest campaign. He has focused on America and has stayed on course. He tells the American people he loves them and have been at a rally, you can feel it.  It is amazing! It is time to bring the American dream back and not have to worry about whether we pay the bills or feed the family. Brighter days are ahead my fellow Americans!

Written by Melinda Wilkey

I am a mother of 3 children. I have an amazing boyfriend who has 2 children as well. I am an Army widow and live in Indiana. We have 3 dogs, a parrot, 2 turtles and a stray cat.
I believe in the Constitution in its entirety. I believe in God and the free will he has granted us. I am pro-marijuana and anti-drug war. I believe in individual liberties. I also am a firm believer in BIG PEOPLE, little government. I am pro-choice and yes I can be a believer and be pro-choice. Someday I hope to run for a spot in office somewhere along the line. I may even shoot for the White House. Only God knows where I belong.

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