Doesn’t taking weapons away from the police right now sound like a really, really bad idea??

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It doesn’t take a member of Mensa to figure out that those asking for a reduction in the availability of military grade weapons for cops (or God forbid the federalization of all local police agencies) are most likely not members of any Right Wing political groups.  No, advocates of these type of policies are (as Captain Renault famously said in Casablanca) “…the usual suspects.”  Odds are good that you already guessed it these people are Liberal Progressives or Lib/Prog’s for short. Those are the only people daft enough to not only make such a statement, but to make it sound as if they believed it themselves.

Why would anyone believe that our police departments need to give up military grade weapons or be federalized?  You would think that even a five year old could tell you why this is a bad idea. Remember when two men managed to get their hands on some body armor and some automatic weapons and then managed to take on 400 police officers and almost won? 400 Cops VS Two heavily armed and armored bank robbers True events 1997  That incident and the almost unbelievable video tapes of the event did a lot to convince Congress that police needed more military grade weapons if the criminal types could access them.  So why the hue and cry for fewer?

While truly disgusting images from Dallas were filling our television screens over the last few days, President Obama was pushing and pushing hard for federalizations of our police forces. He was actually demanding both the disarming of and the federalizations of our police departments. What he actually said was “Those actions (the reduction of weapons and the federalizations of the police) would be based on the recommendations of the panel that he picked after the 2014 street riots in Ferguson, Missouri. The panel offered “practical concrete solutions that can reduce — if not eliminate — the problems of racial bias,” The problem is that this ‘panel’ that Obama speaks about as if they are the Justice League of America and the Avengers combined into one are actually more of a who’s who in liberal race relations, Al Sharpton is on the list, and that in itself should say enough.  Believe it or not, the police are not only biased or under the influence of old Jim Crow, they are (for the most part) really committed to doing a thankless job well. Lib/Progs really hate it when you bring facts into a discussion but facts are despite arresting more blacks, more whites actually die at the hands of police.

As almost an after thought the committee/panel/counsel of wizards or whatever you want to call it came to the conclusions that !!!!SURPRISE!!!! Obama wanted them too. For instance Harvard Law School Professor (Odds support him being a liberal) Charles Ogletree said “he wanted to see community policing instead of militarized police. “Police officers should be not just officers, they also need to be social workers,” he said, and play a role in the community to make a difference in people’s life.” well that’s nice, but as we watch ISIS become more and more blatant as time goes by we don’t see social workers having much success taming them

But regardless of who is on the Presidents panel and how Liberal they are the question remains, why?

It used to be only conspiracy theorists who believed Obama was on a mission to destroy America, but even the staunchest Obama fans would have a hard time defending his actions of late, and making the claim now that Obama and company are attempting to undermine our security barely gets you a glance

Police Departments are local for a reason, typically a community is responsible for determining the amount of protection their communities need, budgeting for it and then  taxing the community to pay for it all.

Obama has a better idea however. He thinks that these communities are full of bias and are tainted by old Jim Crow laws (you know those laws enacted by Democrats years ago??) and rather than doing more weapons training they need to spend billions (yes billions with a B) on social awareness training. Oh that and making the police more accommodating to black suspects by hiring and training more Black police officers until our local offices resemble Chicago (which hasn’t even worked out well for Chicago!!). It’s unsure at this point how Obama will funnel that money to his cronies buddies friends coconspiriators er, associates like Sharpton, Jackson and Van Jones, etc  but rest assured he will.

The question needs to be asked, could all this feel good, “embezzle the money like a Clinton” programming help our police protect us better? Assuming the police aren’t totally fed up with our mealy mouthed leaders trying to convince the public that they are biased, bloodthirsty, black hating, Jim Crow loving racists and throwing them under the very unfriendly buses of public opinion that is. The simple answer is “hell no”

The police in Nice weren’t unable to stop the crazy man with the panel truck because they had such a trove of weapons on hand that they couldn’t decide which military like weapon to use were they? Hardly that was the least of their trouble on a very long list of trouble.

Acting  as rank amateurs with very little knowledge of police procedures or social work for that matter, if we were to examine all the terrorists acts of ISIS over the last few years, would we find any that could have been handled better by our police being more weakly armed, but having a heightened sense of social responsibility?  But what if we added a few more levels of government red tape to go through before we mounted a response, that couldn’t hurt could it? Maybe we should ask the survivors of Benghazi. If our little communities had to wait 13 hours for a gas station robbery to be responded to the crook would take the whole damned gas station with them!!

The only people who believe that we could have better, more responsive and far more socially acceptable police officers by federalizing them are people who either work for the government, the people who idolize them, or perhaps people who are not looking out for the best interests of our police (or country) anyway. The rest of us are trying to figure out how to keep our jobs, keep the government at bay, support our police and make America great again. Say aren’t there a couple of guys around with that slogan?

Written by Patrick M. Arnold

Retired from the United States Army where he proudly served the country he loves. Still carrying on the fight against All of America’s enemies. Disgusted with the state of politics in our country and committed to changing us back to something recognizable as America. Find him on Twitter as @PatrickArnold77

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