Clinton Adopts Cruz’s Slogan To Mock Trump

Hillary Clinton mocked Donald Trump Wednesday by using Ted Cruz’s convention sound byte against Trump.

Cruz refused to endorse Trump from the stage, prompting boos from the delegates and a surprise confrontation, with Trump coming out and motioning to the crowd while Cruz was still speaking. Cruz told people to vote their “conscience” for a constitutionalist.

Clinton echoed Cruz by tweeting the following after the night’s Republican speeches:

Clinton and Cruz came together in unity to invoke the “conscience” line. Cruz supporters tried to broker the convention by getting delegates to vote their “conscience,” but the effort failed.

Cruz was clearly appealing to the delegate rebels with the “conscience” line.

And Clinton used it against both Cruz and Trump.

Clinton’s tweet confirms that Cruz’s non-endorsement is going to be used by Democrats to hurt the Republican ticket of Trump-Pence.

Chris Christie blasted Cruz as “selfish” because “the crowd was waiting for him to do the right thing.”

(via: Breitbart)

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