The Republican Convention, Opening Night!

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The Republican National Convention got off to a rousing start in Cleveland Monday night. A line-up of very passionate, classy and emotional stars from Duck Dynasty’s Wilie Robertson and Scott Baio to a really rousing speech by America’s mayor Rudy Guilani. The convention shared a double theme from “Make America Great Again” coupled with “Make America Safe Again.”

A parade of speakers told detailed stories about deadly combat missions and loved ones killed at the hands of people in the United States illegally. And they cast the turbulent times as a direct result of weak leadership and failed policies by President Barack Obama and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, who spent four years in the administration.

Convention speakers highlighted at length the deadly 2012 attacks on Americans in Benghazi, Libya, while Clinton was serving as secretary of state. Pat Smith, mother of  Sean Smith one of the victims choked back tears as she personally blamed Clinton for her son’s death and accused her of giving a false explanation for the attack. “She lied straight to my face as we stood there on the tarmac of the airport next to my son’s coffin,” Smith said fighting back tears, “She told me it was because of a video when she knew the night of the attack it was a terrorist attack.” Several people n the audience could be seen crying softly too.”If Hilary Clinton can’t give us the truth, why should we give her the presidency,” Pat Smith said.

Following Smith’s stirring speech were two of the Marines   who defied orders and went to help the embassy under attack JohnTiegen and Mark Geist, authors of “13 hours .The Inside Account of What Really Happened in Benghazi” which was made into a major motion picture. Their extremely heart rendering and gut wrenching story was so vivid I could actually see it in my mind as if I was there. Their descriptions of seeing Sean Smith die and their own wounds from mortar shells blasting all around them, killing terrorists and smoke filed air everywhere. Tiegen explained that he saw the ambassador and he had died from smoke inhalation and was not tortured or mutilated as had been previously reported. “Hillary didn’t protect us and our guys,” Tiegen said, “30 American lives were saved that night. We refuse to lose .Every veteran did their part now it’s time to do yours.”

Actor Anthony Sabato spoke how he came to America from Rome, Italy in1985 and became a citizen in 1996 and others should follow the same rules, ”We need Donald Trump to get our country back,” Sabato said, ”We are weaker in every measure and on the wrong path.”

Following Sabato several speakers including MaryAnn Mendoza and Sabine Durden told how their sons were killed by illegals in this country who had been deported several times already and Donald Trump met with each of them personally.

One of the highlites of the evening was a speech by America’s mayor Rudy Giuliani. ’Most Americans don’t feel safe,” Giuliani said as he offered prayers for the police who were killed in Dallas and Baton Rouge and thanked the Cleveland police for their presence tonite.  Giuliani said how we must become one again and Trump doesn’t care if you are black , white, Hispanic gay or anything. He just sees Americans. What I did for New York, Trump will do for America,” Guiiani  said  to roars from the crowd. ”I am getting sick and tired of the desecration of Trump. I’ve known Donald for 20 years now Every time there was a tragedy he was there.”Rudy said.

Referring to Clinton Giuliani  said “”Who would trust Hillary Clinton to protect them? I wouldn’t,” The former New York City mayor said in one of the night’s most fiery addresses.

“She wants open borders and to take in more Syrians even though our enemies said they will use the migrants to infiltrate and attack us here. We gave Iran money to become nuclear. Are we crazy?”  The former New York City mayor offered a fiery message to terrorists that brought the convention floor to its feet. “You know who you are, and we’re coming to get you,” said Giuliani. Chants of U.S.A.,U.S.A.,U.S.A. could be heard throughout the convention floor. VIDEO: RUDY FIRES UP CONVENTION HALL…

Following Giuliani Donald made a brief, but showy entrance, into the convention hall to introduce his wife Melania, emerging from shadows to the sound of  Queen’s “We Are the Champions” and declaring, “We’re going to win, we’re going to win so big.” He returned to the stage after his wife’s remarks, greeting her warmly with a kiss and cheering her on along with the crowd..

Melania who emotionally assured GOP convention delegates and voters across the country that the brash candidate has the character and determination to unite a divided nation “If you want someone to fight for you and your country, I can assure you, he is the guy,” Mrs. Trump told delegates in her highest profile appearance of the presidential campaign.

Melania looked radiant in her white dress and light brown flowing hair. She told how she was born in communist Slovania and her mother introduced her to fashion and beauty and her father introduced her to travel and business. She came here and became a citizen. Melania said her husband is tough, but also has a big heart and is very concerned about the direction our country is going and wants to get it back on the right path again. She emphasized how everyone has a chance to make something of themselves,  but you have to work hard for it. Mrs. Trump’s hopeful remarks were a sharp contrast to the night’s other speakers, who painted a bleak picture of a nation gripped by insecurity. The speeches were also filled with harsh criticism of Democrat Hillary Clinton, with delegates chanting “lock her up.” Diversity, Melania front and center… 

The same chants were shouted out during a speech by former Director of Defense Intelligence Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. He called for Hilary to drop out of the race because she put our country’s security in national jeopardy.  “If I did one tenth the things she did I’d be in jail tonight,”Flynn said.“Lock her up, Lock her up. Lock her up.” The audience shouted.


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