Obama Has a History of Plagiarizing Speeches But Liberals Hate Facts.

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In 2008 when accusations that Obama plagiarized a speech it was not started by any Republican but by Hillary Clinton herself.

On February 16, Barack Obama gave a speech in Wisconsin, where he answered allegations from his main political rival, Hillary Clinton, that all he had to offer was “just words”.

The Clinton campaign seized on this and accused Obama of plagiarism.

Of course Dems could care less about facts and Obama said later “He should have given credit to the 2006 speech given by then Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick.

I wish the Democrats would get this upset over all the Police Officers dying, or the careless nature Hillary handled our country’s top secrets… But no, they are outraged that Melania Trump’s speech plagiarizes parts of Michelle Obama’s.

I saw one Democrat twitter moron having Michelle Obama holding a sign saying “I want my speech back.” I am sure the sons and daughters would love to hold up a sign saying “I want my daddy back”

God help our nation if Dems ho-hum 8 dead officers but a speech gets the Dems all fired up


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