Why Donald Trump & Why We Need Him Now

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I attended a meeting with a friend shortly after returning from 3 years in Europe with my active duty military husband.  The Keynote speaker was a man named Art Williams!  Had no idea who he was, but by the end of the meeting, I felt like I could “do anything I was willing to work hard for!”  This man talked about BIG Dreams, thinking BIG, & being ALL you can Be. I left that meeting feeling like even I could be a winner.

So much has happened since that time. However, Donald J Trump has rekindled a fire inside me and so many others that WE can think BIG and help Make America Great Again!  Trump supporters have a “personal” relationship with him.  We see what a great father he is and how much his kids love him! Is it possible this man, who doesn’t even know us, has inspired a nation of people to rise UP from the ashes of our lives, our failures, to be GREAT?  I think so! Making America Great Again is a challenge to everyone to dig deep and give it your best shot to be “all you can be” because this time it’s going to work.

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