Bill O’Reilly Releases Shocking UNSEEN Photos of “Muslim Obama”

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Since President Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign, conservatives have been concerned about his ties to the Islamic faith, as members of his family were Muslims, including his father and brother.

Now, Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has shared photos of the president that suggest his emotional connection to Islam may be deeper than we imagined.

The photos show Obama clothed in traditional Islamic dress from when he attended his half-brother Malik’s Muslim wedding in the early 1990s.

“’The Factor’ has obtained pictures allegedly from that wedding, which we believe was held in Maryland,” O’Reilly explained.

Malik, who now has multiple wives, was married for the first time in 1981, and the president was his best man at the ceremony, according to O’Reilly.

The fact that Obama has close relatives who are Muslim, and even supported them so much that he donned Muslim dress for a wedding, indicated that the president has an emotional weakness toward Islam, O’Reilly argued.

Watch O’Reilly’s segment about Obama’s ties to Islam here:


Furthermore, the Fox News host contended, Obama’s willingness to wear the attire of another religion showed that he was not the “devout Christian” he has claimed to be. O’Reilly said he believed that Obama was a Christian, as he has claimed many times, but that the president’s dedication to the Christian faith was not as strong as he would like for people to think.

But most troubling, O’Reilly believed that these “deep emotional ties to Islam” have stopped the president from effectively combating the Islamic State group.

The commander in chief has refused to even acknowledge the root cause of recent terror campaigns against the United States and other non-Muslim countries — radical Islamic terrorism.

For example, on Wednesday, Obama announced that he would not be withdrawing troops from Afghanistan, and instead would be maintaining 8,000 troops in the vulnerable country. However, the president failed to address the problems in the Middle East that have stemmed from the U.S. allowing the Islamic State group to grow out of control.

“(T)he president did not accurately describe the situation there, putting forth that it was more about politics than Islamic terror,” O’Reilly said on his program.

“There is no question the Obama administration’s greatest failure is allowing the Islamic terror group ISIS to run wild, murdering thousands of innocent people all over the world, including many Muslims,” he continued.

These monsters aren’t just murdering people for the sake of terrorizing; they have a clear mission — to impose a radical version of Islam on the world, killing anyone who stands in its way, particularly the U.S. and non-radical Muslims.

The president, however, has refused to acknowledge the Islamic ideology that allowed this radical arm to gain prevalence and has made ill-advised decisions on how to deal with the growing threat — all things O’Reilly attributed to the president’s weak spot for Islam because of his familial ties.

“President Obama’s sympathetic treatment of Muslims put the country in danger because he has not elevated the risks that we have to the level it should be,” O’Reilly argued. “And he allowed ISIS to be created because of his foolish decision to withdraw troops in Iraq and to pretty much (allow the radicals to) run wild for five years.”

A president truly concerned about jihad would not have done that, the news host argued.

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