WHOA! #NeverTrump’s LEADING Voice SHOCKS World…Jumps On The TRUMP TRAIN!

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It’s one of the most shocking turnarounds in an election campaign that’s witnessed plenty.

They always say that politics makes for strange bedfellows, but this match really came out of left field.

One of the biggest (and loudest) names in conservative talk radio seems to have defected to the Trump camp, and many of his millions of listeners will be stunned.

Ever since Trump entered the race, Mark “The Great One” Levin has denounced “the Donald” as a fake conservative and quite simply unelectable.

What a difference one speech makes, though! As reports, Levin was impressed with Trump’s speech about Hillary’s career of corruption:

“The Republican leadership in Congress doesn’t have the guts to go to the floor of the Senate or the floor of the House and make these charges,” Levin said. (…)

“This is outstanding. You can’t let Hillary Clinton get away with her corruption, her cronyism, her criminality. I don’t care who you support or don’t support. She’s detestable.”

Levin then played more clips of Trump’s speech and said, “He hit it out of the park.”

Now what? While Levin doesn’t have the reach and influence of Rush Limbaugh, he boasts a loyal fan base who’ve made his books #1 bestsellers.

Levin’s reputation as a take-no-prisoners conservative who is motivated by principles and not personalities makes even this unofficial “endorsement” another victory for Trump.

Via Patriot Journal

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