NY Post CRUSHES Lynch/Clinton Secret Meeting With Just Four Words

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This one was too good not to share.

Loretta Lynch says that she understands why people are suspect of her private meeting with Bill Clinton the other day, and her excuses have given people more reason to be suspect.

Lynch’s defense has been that the two just “ran into each other,” and that the meeting wasn’t planned.

Lynch, the woman who will make the decision of whether or not to criminally charge Hillary Clinton if the FBI recommends she do so, also says that the two didn’t discuss anything political but instead talked about family.

Even liberals had to let out a few groans over the issue, as even they realize how ridiculous that defense looks.

HBO’s Bill Maher mocked the incident on his show the other night, nothing that the thirty minute conservation that the two had is an awful long time for them to have been talking about their grandchildren.

Maher recommended that Lynch should’ve followed the lead of Harrison Ford’s James Marshall in Air Force One; ““How about saying, ‘I’m the attorney general, I’m looking into your wife, I’m about to indict her—or not, ‘Get off my plane.’ Like Harrison Ford: Get off my plane!”

The New York Post had a different movie reference in mind when they headline today’s issue:

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We would’ve never known about the Clinton-Lynch meeting if it wasn’t for a local reporter in Arizona receiving a tip about it.

The meeting was held on a private tarmac at the airport near where private aircraft take off and land.

It’s also alleged that Bill had waited at the airport for Lynch to arrive before the meeting, which contradicts Lynch’s narrative that the two simply ran into each-other.

So how are they going to explain their ways out of this one?

I doubt Hillary will be indicted – and that will only fuel more suspicion surrounding this incident.

One Twitter user had the best idea I’ve seen yet: the best avenue out of this for Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch is to claim their meeting was just sexual.

Via The Federalist Papers

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