Gay Pride Celebrators Hold ‘Republican Hate Kills’ After Democrat Kills 49 Gays

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Yesterday, New York City held its annual LGBT Pride parade, one of many such celebrations across the country as part of the LGBT Pride month of June. Ostensibly, the pride parade is a celebration of progress and change — however, love and joy were co-mingled with some mind-boggling rhetoric. A widely circulated picture from the parade shows a group carrying a rainbow banner with the words “REPUBLICAN HATE KILLS” written across in large black letters — obviously reinforcing the post-Orlando leftist narrative that conservatives were to blame for the terrorist attack because of their marginalization of the gay community.

As the tweet above implies, these marchers need a quick reminder: The shooter at Pulse was a registered Democrat. He voted in Florida primaries. He was a big fan of Hillary Clinton, who was marching in the same parade the banner was displayed in. He had no affiliation with the Republican party in any way. If you think that Republicans “hate” gays through their opposition to gay marriage, transgender bathrooms, etc., that’s fine — a rather loose use of the word hate, I would argue, but fine. But even if you do believe that, how can you link a certain political affiliation to a terrorist attack when the perpetrator is known to have been affiliated with the opposing party? The Left has long had a “facts are but trivial things” attitude towards political discourse, but this banner represents an entirely new level of monomania.

Via National Review

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