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It’s Trump or Socialism

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Why must we be subjected to a Never Trump movement?  I’ve read 1,000 people are working out their game plan to persuade 1,000 delegates to revoke their support for Donald Trump.  But why?  Because he’s the only candidate that’s not advancing the Socialist agenda of the devils in sheep’s clothing that are Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney, Mitch McConnell and all of the ravenous Democrats?  It’s because he’s our only hope of saving our Republic.

Are any of these Never Trump people aware that at least one, widely used U.S. public high school text book was written by Marxist Howard Zinn?  Are they aware that he distorted and rewrote our American history poisoning the minds of two generations of students?   Probably not.  Anti-American propaganda being taught in our schools is treason.  And it happened under the watch of this Congress.  And those Never Trump leaders are artfully deceiving everyone to believe it’s what’s best for the country instead of what’s expedient for their left wing agenda.

All American traitors hate Donald Trump.  All patriots love him and realize he’s our last and only chance to keep America from being transformed into another miserable Socialist society.  One of lack and poverty and servitude to a ruthless, Socialist ruling class.

I supposed it happened just after Ronald Reagan left office.  The country shifted left and then Obama really pushed us over the cliff.  Are Americans so naive as to not realize what happened?  The enemies of our country have been successful in diluting our population of patriots with 3rd world people whom they instruct and pay to vote illegally to advance Socialism.  And it’s tragic.  Tragic to lose our Republic to the egregious Socialists who are willing to destroy the finest country on earth for their power and greed.

It is unsustainable to permit thousands of immigrant men, women and children into the country year after year.  No country on earth can absorb so many without major consequences.  It is especially troubling that this administration is inviting thousands of Syrians when so many are extremists that pose a real and present danger.  Hillary has vowed to continue the same policies as well.  But it doesn’t make sense unless of course the safety of our nation is of no concern to them.  I guess it isn’t.  With thousands of people crossing our open borders, and most likely terrorists as well, it is not racist but prudent to build a wall and protect our borders like most every other country on earth.

A great military isn’t to start wars but to prevent them.  The stronger we are the less likely we are to be bothered by anyone.  For our safety, it’s necessary to shore up and reinforce our infrastructure. It’s past time to  repair our motor ways, water reservoirs, electric grid, our bridges, etc. It will be a massive undertaking along with building the wall and rebuilding the military.  And it will put millions of Americans back to work instantly.

Once again they’ll be paying taxes and we can start paying down our huge debt incurred by Obama and a complicit Congress.

No American presidential candidate is perfect.  Donald Trump isn’t either.  However, he’s a patriot, loves America and has a magnificent track record that speaks volumes of what he is capable of doing for the economy.  It can not be overstated how outstanding he is in managing projects usually bringing them in ahead of schedule and under budget.   Hillary, Bernie and all of their people can’t do any of it.  They’ve always lived in a political bubble and they don’t know what needs to be done or how.  The only financial management  experience Hillary has is probably limited campaign financing.  But they don’t care to do anything constructive for America since they’re working for a Socialist transformation.

Donald Trump will serve us far beyond our expectations and we will once again be the free, sovereign, strong America our founding fathers envisioned.  God bless us.  God bless America.


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