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Clinton Plans To Open Up Doors To Refugees

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The refugee crisis is not going away.

As fighting throughout Syrian and the Middle East worsens, massive droves of civilians are fleeing from the carnage. They have pushed their way into Europe, creating a humanitarian and terrorism crisis unlike anything seen in the modern world.

Obama has promised to bring even more of these Muslim refugees into America.

Despite official documentation or anything that can verify their identities, the president has flung wide an open door to these strangers. Not only is there the danger of letting radical terrorists into the U.S., but our fundamental way of life will change, as hundreds of thousands of people with significantly different views are flooding our towns and cities.

How will America look come the next few decades? Will it be still a land of freedom?

Not if Hillary Clinton has anything to say about it.

She has come out criticizing Obama’s plan, saying he’s not letting in ENOUGH Muslims into our country. Her goal is to increase the influx of refugees by 500%!

What will this sudden and unstoppable flood of people do to our economy, national security, and way of life?

Nothing good. That’s why Trump is blasting back. According to Breitbart:

Donald Trump blasted Hillary Clinton’s “radical” immigration position on Sunday. Rasmussen polling shows that only 4% of American women support Clinton’s Middle East migration proposal.

From Twitter, Trump said:

Crooked Hillary wants a radical 500% increase in Syrian refugees. We can’t allow this. Time to get smart and protect America!

How can Crooked Hillary say she cares about women when she is silent on radical Islam, which horribly oppresses women?

According to Obama’s plan, we are letting in thousands refugees a year.

Where are all these people going?

Who is paying for their food, clothing, and shelter?

And think about long term. Will these people go back to Syrian when the war is over? If not, we will be seeing new permanent Muslim residents all over our country.

Clinton’s plan is even more radical, welcoming in a staggering amount of refugees. A sum our country just can’t handle.

Clinton’s call for admitting 65,000 Syrian refugees is on top of the roughly 30,000 refugees and asylees the U.S. already admits from the Middle East each year. Adding in refugees from across the Muslim world, this means that under Clinton’s plan, the U.S. would admit at least 105,000 thousand refugees from the Muslim world annually, based on data from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

 This does not even include the larger permanent resettlement program that occurs through green cards, bringing total annual migration from the Muslim world to 182,000 a year under Clinton’s proposal— of which roughly 140,000 would be from the Middle East specifically, according to DHS data.

We cannot allow this kind of drastic alteration of our society. Ask any scientist, they will tell you what happens when you let a foreign entity into an ecosystem. It destroys it. But Clinton doesn’t care. She owes too many favors to Europe and the rest of the world. She’d be happy to let in potential terrorists and strangers whose way of life is an antithesis of the American way.

(via: Patriot Journal)

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