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Clinton Helped Create ISIS

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As mandated by the PATRIOT Act, every election year Rudy Giuliani must appear on national television and say “9/11” – and every American knows this and looks forward to it. But television viewers across the nation were left confused and befuddled after the former New York City mayor veered off script during a recent appearance on Fox News. As Politico explains:

Speaking to Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, the former New York City mayor said that [Hillary Clinton] “helped create ISIS” through her involvement with President Barack Obama’s efforts to withdraw from Iraq.

We’re somewhat surprised that Rudy would malign the only other human on earth who invokes 9/11 to explain the Ocean’s tides. But there is an obtuse nugget of truth buried deep within his blood-soaked word salad.

Giuliani wants us to believe that the world is a more dangerous place because Hillary Clinton is a prude who doesn’t like to bomb brown people countries. Yes, the world is a more dangerous place – but for the exact opposite reason: Clinton’s penchant for interventionism has contributed to destabilizing the Middle East and North Africa, creating ideal conditions for ISIS to grow and thrive. In this sense, she really did “help create ISIS.”

As a ferocious supporter of invading of Iraq, in 2003 then-Senator Clinton insisted that Saddam Hussein was giving “sanctuary” to terrorists. Aside from being total baloney nonsense, the dark irony is that the invasion transformed Iraq into an enormous terrorist incubator: A top military adviser to General David Petraeus has stated plainly that “there undeniably would be no ISIS if we had not invaded Iraq” and “we have to recognize that a lot of the problem [in the Middle East] is of our own making.”

But if we’re going to argue that Hillary Clinton has enabled ISIS and other terrorist groups – and that’s exactly what we’re arguing – we should focus our attention on her tireless advocacy for turning Libya into a moon crater.

Not many people give Clinton the proper credit she deserves for destroying Libya for no reason whatsoever. Shame on them.

As a brave crusader for all women – especially for women living in countries that she desperately wants to bomb – then-Secretary Clinton argued that the United States had a moral duty to intervene in Libya, stating that she was “deeply concerned” that Muammar Gaddafi’s troops were using rape as a weapon. (She was parroting a rumor started by Al-Jazeera which claimed that Gaddafi was handing out free Viagra to his soldiers so that they could rape 24/7.)

After Libya was flattened by NATO’s “no fly zone”, Amnesty International published a report which thoroughly debunked Hillary’s passionate plea for war:

Not only have we not met any [rape] victims, but we have not even met any persons who have met victims. As for the boxes of Viagra that Gaddafi is supposed to have had distributed, they were found intact near tanks that were completely burnt out.

The boxes of pristine Viagra found next to burnt-out tanks weren’t the only things planted in Libya. According to its report, Amnesty “failed to find evidence for these human rights violations [used to justify intervention] and in many cases has discredited or cast doubt on them. It also found indications that on several occasions the rebels in Benghazi appeared to have knowingly made false claims or manufactured evidence.”

The icing on the illegal war cake is that before Hillary started spreading rape rumors, Libya was considered a “high human development” country by the United Nations:

In 2010, Libya ranked 53rd in the UN’s Human Development Index among 163 countries. With life expectancy at birth at 74.5 years, an 88.4% adult literacy rate and a gross enrolment ratio of 94.1%, Libya was classified as a high human development country among the Middle East and North Africa region.

Libyans once enjoyed a higher standard of living than two-thirds of the planet. Now their country is terrorist stronghold ruled by competing warlords.

And as ISIS continues to lose territory in Syria and Iraq, Libya is increasingly seen as a fertile ground for jihadists. According to The Atlantic:

American intelligence officials estimate that the group’s ranks in Libya have grown to 6,500 fighters, more than doubling since the fall. ISIS first declared its intentions to establish a presence in Libya in 2014 and has been launching attacks ever since. The group is now thought to control 150 miles of Libyan coastline.

Hillary Clinton turned a stable, developed nation into an ISIS safe haven using tactics that would have made even William Randolph Hearst a bit queasy. To whip up support for the Spanish-American War (you’re probably too young to remember it), America’s favorite yellow journalist only managed to invent tame, PG -13 fairytales about Spanish soldiers fondling young Cuban damsels. If Hearst had reported that the Spaniards were having Havana Viagra parties, we could have marched all the way to Madrid. Hopefully President Clinton will remedy this missed opportunity. Pack your bags, ISIS. Next stop: Spain.

Forget Benghazi. Clinton is culpable in a far greater crime.

(via: Huffington Post)

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