LGBT’ers Yell Discrimination, While Making Millions

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Only in America can LGBTers own and operate television network’s, million dollar businesses, make millions in Hollywood and the entertainment industry, impose their gay, lesbian, and transgender lifestyles on innocent grade school children, hold high positions in academia, and in the United States military, sit on the Supreme Court and then claim 24/7, 365 days of the year that “…the gay and LGBT community is discriminated against”. REALLY?!?!

The mainstream news media, cable networks, celebs, politicians, sports stars, clergy, church leaders, and left wing radio personalities, as well as various publishers are constantly bombarding the American public with their propaganda, and rhetoric that they are in fact the “victims in American society”. But are they really? After reading the article I’ve posted below and others like it I do believe you’ll feel differently.

The facts are that (Gays/Lesbians/Bisexuals/Transgenders) basically control every aspect of American life they own and operate television/radio stations, cable networks, newspapers, magazines, real estate, social media, etc. and have undue influence in American politics, as well as The Vatican (Catholic Church) as well as other churches.

LGBTers are the highest paid celebrities in the world, and own million dollar mansions and real estate, and other luxuries, and assets, have beautiful women in their company 24/7, and have the best life can offer, but yet complain daily about how they are constantly victimized in American society. Before you buy into that people please do your homework, you can start by reading the below articles.

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