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Hillary, the Socialist.

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Hillary Clinton claims that Donald Trump does not have the proper temperament to be POTUS.  Does she?  Of course not.  She hasn’t the temperament, the judgment, the skills or the least amount of integrity necessary to run the country, improve the economy, or rebuild the infrastructure  Nor does she have any loyalty for the U.S.  She has, however, taken millions of dollars and has become quite wealthy from donors to her foundation who we thought hated the U.S., kept their women in bondage, and abhor homosexuals and Christians.

And what is this vast amount of money for?  What has she promised in exchange for their millions? clearances and seats in our government or our classified security and defense information?

The qualities she possesses are grave dishonesty, self-serving ambition, ruthlessness and greed.  I’m tired of having a president who cares little about America.  I’m tired of her baseless claims.  Isn’t her campaign slogan “Fighting for You?”  She’s been in Washington forever.  With whom is she fighting and why hasn’t she won?

It turns out she ended up having lunch with John Stossel.  She told him she believes everything has to be further regulated.  Regulation is code for control.  We’re pretty well regulated as it is but for her it’s not enough.  Regulations tend to impede rather than help.  Then there’s the issue of who or what body or agency will be monitoring the regulations and their level of integrity, if any at all.  Right now the ABC agencies in the country are wielding enormous powers and forcing compliance like the IRS and the Gestapo.  We’ve come to fear our government for the first time in our history.  People are afraid to say too much and Hillary wants more of the same. That should scare the hell out of you.  She strikes me as a terrible shrew.  She favors a new world order where the elitists live more lavishly than ever before while they mete out as little as possible for the drones that serve them.  It’s also called Socialism.

Her desire for control has no boundaries and it will be a miserable life if she gets elected.  Every vestige of what used to be America will disappear probably forever.  She has no love of country.

Using a private server was a control issue as well.  Destroying 33,000 emails was too, along with being terribly dishonest, as always.   Under Hillary, every waking hour will have to be monitored to effectively control us.  The government will control wages, commerce, housing, schools, agriculture and everything they currently control but with greatly increased scrutiny over all of it.  It will cost more of our tax dollars to further regulate and then there are the penalties and punishments of non-conformance which history has revealed can be brutal.  Currently, large deposits into your bank account have to be reported to the IRS and Hillary desires more of this.  She is a Socialist.  Socialism has never worked anywhere on earth and it won’t work here either.  Her greed, ambition and ruthlessness is not compatible with our Constitution or a free society.  She’ll leave America broken, broke and in shambles and blame Bush for it.  And the Socialist media will agree with her.  God bless and keep America.


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