Writings on the Wall: Homeland Security

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Media talking heads trying to figure out what happened. President Obama living in some fantasy world in his own mind that Radical Islamic Terrorists are somehow non-existent. Hillary Rodem Clinton, finally shamed into admitting or rather ‘saying’ the term that needs to be heard around the world. Her comments of What does it matter what you call it is appalling and rather scary. Omar Mateen was a home grown boy. Radicalized in the recent years by Terrorist Views. Somewhere along the road, he came to a fork and chose the wrong direction. Blood flowed long before the shooting took place at the Pulse that fateful day in Orlando, Fl. There is an old saying that goes ‘Do not be deceived by what you want to believe’. The current administration have their eyes wide shut. After watching an episode of Hannity last night on Fox News Channel, it came to my attention that there was a list and an ongoing investigation of persons living in the United States of America that were connected with Terrorist groups around the world, that had been established before President Obama took office. Then, for reasons unknown all files were ordered deleted by the 44th President who took it upon himself that there should not be this information available to Homeland Security.

So here is the solution, the 45th President of the United States of America must be Donald J. Trump. Homeland Security is of utmost importance to this man. No Political Correctness, no hollow empty words of peace. There is a war going on whether this current administration wants to admit it or not. Omar Mateen, was but one man. Open your eyes America, there are many more Omar Mateens waiting for the infamous attention and credit for wiping out the infidels. The LGBT Communities must be very aware that they are just one of the many targets of these terrorists.
Donald J. Trump wants a TEMPORARY BAN on all those who want to come to the States that have any connection to countries that aim to destroy the fabric of freedom. Donald J. Trump knows that there is no adequate screening at the present time and knows that given the opportunity Hillary Clinton would have an open door policy to refugees that could or very well be infiltrated by Radical Islamic Terrorists. Mr. Trump is the only one who can see with clarity what is really going on.

In conclusion, those who support Hillary Clinton for President, are naive and vulnerable to her cunning deceptions. Homeland Security Forces needs to have free access to the plans and the connections of persons of interest that are already embedded in communities all across the country. As Donald Trump has reiterated time and time again, people who are aware of impending attacks on the citizens of the U.S.A. need to be warned that very harsh penalties will be carried out on them if they do not report such intentions to Law Enforcement Agencies. By all accounts, Omar Mateen’s estranged wife, mother of his son, knew of his intent to kill many at the Pulse. Whether or not he had his secret demons of sexual identity confusion makes no difference. The safety of the citizens of the United States of America can only be trusted to one who has pledged to counterattack with the necessary measures. The one who has pledged to make America Great Again is Donald J. Trump. Wake up America, the time for action in now. There will be more of the same if you choose to live in denial.

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